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Review + Gallery: Riot Fest Chicago Day 3


Let me take a moment to tell you about the Law of Standard Deviation. In short, it states that 99.7% of all occurrences of an event or action will take place within three deviations of the mean (or 0 deviations). This is the principal behind that bell curve that your teachers always talked about. Everyone pretty much does the same except for the burnout who tanked the exam because they spent seven hours geeked up on Adderall looking up conspiracy …

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Review + Gallery: Riot Fest Chicago Day Two

Social Distortion

Insanity, by Einstein’s definition, is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. While this may or may not be a true attribution, it is a fair statement and the most accurate to how I approach any music festival. For those of you keeping track of my writing (see: my review of the Shaky Knees festival in May), you will know that my experience is a predictable one as shittily illustrated by the graph below. Day …

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Review + Gallery: Riot Fest Chicago Day One


It is 12:30pm and it feels like a jellyfish is hugging my balls. “Does it look I’m hiding anything in my crotch?” I ask my girlfriend Rachel. My hangover tells me that I’m being more paranoid than I should be…this isn’t my first rodeo. As a Polish punk there are few things I love more than combining my passion for subverting authority with my love of saving money. Which brings us to this point: waddling through the security line at …

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Gallery: The Specials (Riot Fest Aftershow) in Chicago

The Specials

English Two-Tone legends The Specials brought their signature mix of punk attitude and dancehall rhythms to the Concord Music Hall in Chicago, Illinois for a special sold-out Riot Fest pre-show Thursday September 16th, a day before their anticipated Riot Fest performance. Supported by Brooklyn reggae group The Far East, The Specials danced their way through a veritable greatest hits collection, from “A Message to You, Rudy” to the all-time classic “Little Bitch,” much to the delight of the fedora clad and 3-piece-suited audience. Put on …

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Review + Gallery: Riot Fest Denver Day Three

Bad Religion

“We’re here to witness rock and roll history.” Packed like a can of sardines in front of the Riot Stage at the National Western Complex in Denver on a warm Sunday night, that was how the guy standing next to me summed up our uncomfortable situation. Rock and Roll history at Riot Fest. Day Three: Misfits, Bad Religion, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Chevy Metal The Misfits had arrived. Glenn Danzig was looming, Jerry Only was smirking and Doyle …

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