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Contest: Win tickets to Propagandhi, Teenage Bottlerocket and Elway in Denver


How about we drive away the dreary Denver weather with a show everyone is looking forward to, but even better, for FREE?! The show is of course Propagandhi, Teenage Bottlerocket and Elway in Denver at the Summit Music Hall on Saturday October 22nd, 2016. You can view more details about the show and tickets can be purchased HERE. As with all our contests, it is not just throwing your name in and walking away that ensures your win. You have …

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End of the Year: Red Scare weighs in on the best of 2015

Red Scare Top Ten 2015

Editor’s note: Every year our contributors put their heads together and pick out the best the calendar had to offer our scene. This year we decided to invite some of our favorite bands, labels and people to chime in on what they thought ruled this year. We gave each of them the same rules we give our contributors: None. We’re kicking off the series with our favorite commies at Red Scare Industries. Tim Browne – Vocals and guitar – Elway Best burrito …

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Review + Gallery: The FEST 14 in Gainesville

Bad Cop Bad Cop

For the last 5 consecutive years, I’ve made the annual punk rock pilgrimage to attend The Fest in Gainesville, Florida.  Every year has had something different to offer, from a new experience, to bands I never thought I would get to see, to friends, food, and so on. Fest is like a snowflake: each one is unique, much like everyone’s experience at Fest is unique.  This year, I had the extreme honor of being able to take photos for For …

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A Parody & Preview: Jimmy Buffe(s)t’s Margaritaville

Last night, I switched on my car radio and “Margaritaville” came on. For months now, every time I get into the car that song comes on right at the “Blew out my flip flop line”. It’s a terrible fucking song. But I do enjoy how catchy it is and how much it makes other people miserable. Hours later, I went to Kevin‘s Facebook page to post a quick Fest themed parody in hopes of annoying him. Sometimes, Kevin and I have brainstorming …

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Gallery + Review: Riot Fest Chicago (Day 2)

At 11AM, I pulled my exhausted ass out of bed and got ready for another long day of festing. Patrick and I made it onto the grounds in record time to see PEARS. This NOLA four-piece has been gaining steam for over and year a half now. Their recent addition to the Fat Wreck roster is proof of their labors and extensive touring. However, their early timeslot in the day left the size of the crowd lacking. But that didn’t …

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Review + Gallery: Elway Record Release Show in Fort Collins, CO

Elway Record Release - 14 of 22

After moving to Denver from Los Angeles, I convinced myself one of the best parts of being here would be getting to drive up to Fort Collins to see Elway play a hometown show. Friday, I finally had the opportunity to live the dream when Elway played their “Better Whenever” record release show at The Whisk(e)y, after it became apparent Surfside 7 still would not be open in time for the event. The Whisk(e)y, in my humble opinion, is one …

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Riot Fest Denver after shows to feature Lawrence Arms, Rancid and more

Riot fest

As we anxiously count the days to this year’s Riot Fests, more and more tantalizing details about the three festivals is starting to trickle in. Today we have the lowdown on what’s going on after Riot Fest Denver this year. This year’s after shows are as diverse as the lineup, so there’s something for everyone. Tickets are on sale now, so get ’em soon. Remember, these things have a tendency to sell out quick! You can check out the details below. …

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