A Comparison Of The Ska Music Scene in the UK and Japan

The Japan ska music scene is a bit of a craze there as there were many bands looking to make a name for themselves. These pop icons became such a hit not only in Japan but in other parts of the world. It is no surprise how there are many ska bands in Japan and almost all of them have a ton of members that play different instruments. Some would all sing and they would not mind getting into the groove when the time is needed. Some of the bands include Yum Yum Orange, Kemuri, Determinations, and Ska Ska Club. Even if they rose to fame in the 1990s, the radio is still playing their nice music up to this day as they get new fans from all over the country. Some members of those bands would go to other countries and fans would instantly recognize them. It shows how big ska music was back in the day. Concerts were so big when these ska music legends would go on tour and most of their venues were sold out weeks in advance. They were such a huge commodity back in the day that most fans today would welcome some kind of a reunion even if a lot has already changed in terms of the pandemic.

The UK ska music scene became hot in the 1980s especially with bands like the Police and the Specials making worldwide hits that became quite a sensation. One particular song that would stand out is the Police’s Every Breath You take which was remade into I’ll be Missing you by Puff Daddy in the 1990s. It even became a mash-up when the two artists combined to make such a huge hit in the MTV music awards that year. It was meant to be a tribute to Puff Daddy’s friend Notorious BIG who died at such a young age. Amy Winehouse was another English singer but she also died at such a young age but not before she left a lot of good songs that are still being played on the radio up until this day. It is evident she could have reached new heights in her career if it was not for an accidental overdose. It is understandable how there are many music festivals for the ska bands that have hit the UK. When those music festivals happen, a lot of people would flock to them and figure to have the time of their lives. A comparison of the ska music scene in the UK and Japan focuses more on the fan base as the fans in the UK are a bit rowdier especially when you consider the fact that these people pay good money to see their favorite bands perform right in front of them. Lily Allen is one current ska singer who is pretty popular not only in the Uk but all over the world as well. As a matter of fact, a lot of her fans are just awaiting her next album to be released.