Stream: Entropy – “Tonight Is Your Night, Bro”

New York’s Entropy has announced that they will release their upcoming album Deinventing the Wheel on September 9th through Say-10 Records. The album includes the 2015 So It Goes EP along with 11 new tracks. They released their previous LP All Work, No Plagiarism in 2014. Currently, they are streaming a new song off Deinventing the Wheel entitled “Tonight Is Your Night, Bro”. Check it out!

Listen to “Tonight Is Your Night, Bro” below:


Entropy Deinventing the Wheel




Deinventing the Wheel Track Listing:

1) Ok, This Looks Bad
2) All This Breathing Is Making Me Hungry
3) Pretzel Day
4) Wah Dah Tah
5) Don’t Confuse Me With The Facts
6) Hibbleton
7) South Side Ewok
8) I Have The Toes I Have
9) Dinner Prep
10) Tonight Is Your Night, Bro
11) Game Over Man, Game Over
12) Shark Sandwich
13) Giant Eagle Part II
14) You Can’t Fight In Here, This Is The War Room
15) Charles Berry
16) Love, Dirty Mike And The Boys
17) So It Goes



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