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Review: Wonk Unit – “Feel the Wonkness”

Wonk Unit have released their third full length album titled Feel the Wonkness and it is mindblowing. Instead of hearing this album as static music, I felt a scene of a video unfolding in my head while I listened to it. Rather than analyze the diversity within the songs on the album and the musical tightness of the band, I decided to write a screenplay of how I imagined four of the songs playing out in London, the hometown of the band.


It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the UK. The air is clear, the streets are busy, and all is peaceful.


Civilians ride the Ferris Wheel and we hear voices off screen that indicate it is a pleasant day out.


Families and civilians walk around enjoying the afternoon. Leaves blowing in the the wind.

We hear a distant sound of skateboard wheels clicking on the sidewalk approaching the main part of the square.

Queue song – “Guts” by The Wonk Unit.

The civilians all run to make the sidewalk path clear. We see a swarm of London Punks walking down the sidewalk with 40oz’s in hand shoving each other to the rhythm of Wonk Unit. The punks are in plaid pants, liberty spike mohawks, and studded vests. A skateboarder ollies off the curb and starts doing flatland tricks around the square. The punks take off on a running pace off screen.

Queue song – “Running” by The Wonk Unit.


Tourists are taking pictures of the home of the Queen.

The music volume increases and the group of punks all run past the palace across screen. A skateboarder takes a dive from a bump in the sidewalk. One of the punks stops to go help him up and they run off to catch up with the group.


Two cops sit in their car eating donuts. We don’t hear any exterior noise outside of the car.

The song “Donkey of the Damned” by Wonk Unit plays on the radio in the cop car.

We see out of the windshield of the car at a peaceful park when all of the punks run past the car obnoxiously. The cops turn their lights on the car, fumble their donuts all over themselves, and speed out to try and catch them.


We see Wonk Unit on a stage in the middle of Picadilly Circus with their instruments in hand. The streets are completely vacant. The band looks around like there are supposed to be a lot of people there. Off Screen, we hear police sirens and stomping feet of punks running. Wonk Unit looks around and sees punks flooding in from subway stairs, around corners, and down the streets.

Queue song – “She Cut Her Finger” by Wonk Unit

All of the studs, mohawks, piercings, plaid, and boots arrive as a flood in front of the stage. The cops have let off and stand behind the masses.

The music fades out and everyone falls silent.

We see Wonk Unit on stage. They look at each other. The drummer raises his arms and clicks his sticks four times to count in the song, “Go Easy.”

Aerial shot of the crowd of punks going crazy and moshing to their hometown heroes, Wonk Unit.

Continue footage of live show.


The Wonk Unit blew me away with their album. It is creative, fast, loud, and diverse. They experiment and take risks with their sound, but for good cause because it all sounds phenomenal.

Feel the Wonkness was released on Drunken Sailor Records on July 17. Wonk Unit will head to The Fest in Gainesville later in October and then will fly back across the pond for a run of dates throughout November.

Wonk Unit


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Tour Dates:
23 Oct – With Guerilla Poubelle, Arms Aloft – Lexington, KY Best Friend Bar
25 Oct – St Petersburg, FL
26 Oct – Orlando, FL
27 Oct –  St Augustine, FL
28 Oct – With Shellshag, Basement Benders, Raging Nathans – Chattanooga, TN Sluggo’s North Vegetarian Cafe
30 Oct – Gainsville, Florida (FEST)
14 Nov – With SLAVES, Spring King – Bristol Ansom Rooms *sold out!
15 Nov – With Slaves, Spring King – Cardiff Cardiff Uni Student Union
16 Nov – With Slaves, Spring King – Portsmouth Portsmouth Pyraminds
18 Nov- With Slaves, Spring King – Norwich Norwich Nick Rayns LCR UEA *sold out!
19 Nov- With Slaves, Spring King –  Glasgow O2 ABC
20 Nov – With Slaves, Spring King Newcastle – Newcastle University
21 Nov- With Slaves, Spring King – Manchester Manchester Ritz *sold out!
23 Nov- With Slaves, Spring King – Leeds Leeds Becket Student Union
24 Nov – With Slaves, Spring King – Liverpool O2 Academy Liverpool
25 Nov – With Slaves,  Spring King – Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
27 Nov – With Slaves, Spring King – London The Forum *sold out!


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