Is Rayner’s, “Disasters”, a Disaster In Itself?

My first attempt at clickbait – what do you think I’m gonna say? Does Rayner’s new EP suck??? Spoiler alert – IT DOESN’T! Shockingly I have yet to see Rayner perform live – but I’ve known of the band for quite a while. This is the first time, to be honest, I sat down and thoroughly gave the band a listen as well. I’m so glad I did! Rayner is a blend of pop punk that really takes me back to elementary school / high school when I first delved into the Warped Tour crowd. Now, I am not saying Rayner’s sound is outdated by any means! I think they have a modern sound at the same time – does that even make sense? IT’S A COMPLIMENT OKAY? The thing that truly made me fall in love with this EP would have to be the lyrics, though. There are some powerful emotions running through these five songs. Let’s get right into it!

“We’re a 5 piece rock band influenced by 90’s punk, introspective lyrics, and good times.”


This is the song that truly gave me that “summer vibes” feeling – right off the bat! It’s very happy sounding with solid riffs throughout. “I need a stiff drink to keep from showing  We keep this storm behind closed doors” This song is ridiculously relatable to most. To me, it is describing how many of us stay in relationships (friendships or romantic) perhaps out of habit. We may know it’s not a good fit but we keep going with the routine. This song also describes how quickly someone we once loved can turn on you – which sits with me deep with all of the friends/relationships that have ended for me over the years. The whole build of this song is awesome with that happy sounding background of instruments partnered with these pretty heavy words.

“You swear you’re changing No; you’re not changing at all

I swear I’m changing No; I’m not changing at all

We swear we’re changing No; we’re not changing at all” 


Simplicity opens up well…simple! Is that on purpose? Probably. Simplicity has a slow opening where you don’t really focus on the instruments once Dany begins the vocals. All I felt the second I heard him singing was this pain, emotion and anger. To me this song could be about either death or a break up. Again – hitting the nail on the head with relatability.

“And I’ve been waiting for your call all night

Tell me that everything’s all right” 

For both people that have died in my life and friends who are no longer in it – I sometimes wish they’d call me anyway so this struck a chord with me, hands down.


This was probably the only song I didn’t have much to say about. It’s also the shortest song on the EP so that could be why. I did enjoy the very abrupt ending to the song. I really swooned over the last lyric, though:

“And when we wake up, could we even love ourselves

Escape the hate they sell and love us”

Being the self loathing person I am – this is now a little mantra I say to myself on the regz.


Model Competition has a dramatic voice opening. It’s so poetic – the raw sound to the voice in this is incredible.  On every EP/album – there’s usually one power anthem. For me, this is that power anthem that the audience will love to sing along to at live performances. I just love the part where it describes how we all crave certainty:

“We’re all searching for some structure, shivering apes trying not to suffer

Give us certainty and we will fall to our knees

In the end that’s all we’re after, some foresight to avoid disasters

Give us certainty and leave our poor minds at ease”

I say that because ask yourself what you’re stressing about: is your answer money or a job? It probably, in one way or another, is! We all want dependability when it comes to finances – including me so I would scream my heart out at a Rayner show to this song!


The finale! I heard some sweet tapping in the opening of Blurred Limes. I do think it was a little drawn out for an opening but at the same time I suppose you should go all out for the grand finale. I may just be too picky sometimes! Obviously I was really hoping this was a parody of Blurred Lines and was 1% disappointed it wasn’t. That’s just the Weird Al fan in me though. This is where my Warped Tour reference comes into play from earlier. If I were going to Warped this year in 2017 – I would totally fall in love with these guys if I saw them live! It’s impossible to logically explain but that’s why I have a blog – I don’t need to be logical 🙂 I heard some themes about death which seem to be apparent throughout this whole EP. What surprised me in this song is the acid trip sounding part:

“If it’s a lie. Go on and lie to me

I feel alive

I’m feeling good tonight

We’re already living in hell”

The vocals there are drawn out and shaky. They really made me feel like I was high for a split second. I loved that cause who doesn’t like to be fake high?


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