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Premiere: The Sound Collapse – “Getting Old Is A Young Man’s Game,” and that’s not all!

For the Love of Punk has never been quiet about their love for for the Denver band The Sound Collapse. Hell, if you’re quiet about something you truly appreciate, not so sure you understand what it is we’re doing here. We’re screaming from mountain tops about honesty, integrity and just plain great music that we all should hear. But Jesus H…wtf am I even talking about??!!

I’m talking about this band being a lot of things I embody about music. Never once was it a sound in my book, Never once was it a look or was it anything but something you could at the very least relate to and certainly not hear any fake or contrived crap involved.

The Sound Collapse does this for me. I’m a bit older so some of the younger song themes don’t necessarily throw me into a place I can relate to whole heartedly. Without sounding like a complete ageist asshole, there’s a different set of decisions to face at a certain age. There’s some issues that you don’t see when you still have a stronghold in naivety and angst. It is in its simplest form…different.

The Sound Collapse are relate-able to me. They talk about the things in a way I can relate and yet never once do they somehow exclude any age group. Everyone is welcome and like any great songs there are a lot of angles that lend to many age groups. (I really need to stress this was not in any way to somehow shove this into some “old man” category. That is not what I’m doing, I’m merely giving footsteps toward a doorway that leads to an anthem for those looking forward to hearing about a slightly different perspective).

I know the guys in the band probably didn’t intend to make any of this about me nor did I intend to. I’m really just trying to reflect how highly I look at this group of individuals.

I’m sure you can guess what an honor it was to bring this visual perspective to light with my “Buscemi-esque” portrayal of the lyrics, but sit back, watch, enjoy and by all means please go buy everything they sell whether digitally or physically. I am quite literally recommending them to all!

Now that you all probably want me to stfu and get to the point…below is the actual details and a dividing line to make sure you get to the “meat” of the situation next time.

A word from The Sound Collapse:

The Sound Collapse tracked their latest song “Getting Old is a Young Man’s Game” at Black in Bluhm in early 2016 and had long time punk-as-fuck Justin Wilson record a video last fall with the help (and brilliant acting!) from members of FtLP.

This unreleased song will also be on the Vinyl Comp, Farm to Turntable that Black in Bluhm is releasing at 3 kIngs Tavern in Denver TONIGHT June 23rd, 2017 and below is all the information and link.

Watch “Getting Old Is a Young Man’s Game”:

Black in Bluhm Music Announces Farm to Turntable a vinyl compilation of unreleased music from influential Denver bands, out TODAY June 23rd, 2017 at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver.

Farm to Turntable was curated by Black in Bluhm owners, Chris Fogal and Dan Fox, as well as longtime clients The Knew, with the idea to make an LP that runs at 45 rpm and features all rock music from Denver because, what the hell… Contributing bands recorded new material for the record at various studios across Colorado and was mastered for Vinyl & Digital by Chris Fogal at Black in Bluhm.

Included: gang vox pop-punk from Dirty Few, a ballroom banger from Colfax Speed Queen, a 10 minute marathon by The Knew, falsetto funk from the Outfit, a real bouncy one from SPELLS, anthems about aging from Major Sports and The Sound Collapse, a hardcore heavy hitter from Muscle Beach, and a the dream rock of Bud Bronson & the Goodtimers.

LPs and downloads will be available through Black in Bluhm and at 3 Kings on June 23rd. Digital downloads will also be on iTunes, Spotify and all of that. Details of the release party, artwork and track listing below. Details of the release party, artwork and track listing below.


Buy Now



Track Listing:

Side A
The Knew – “Decade Diamond or Drag” // Engineer: Chris Fogal-Black in Bluhm Music
Dirty Few – “Sinnin’ and Winnin’” // Engineer: Bart McCrorey-Crash Pad
SPELLS – “I Don’t Feel at All” // Engineer: Tarvis Magnum-The Space

Side B
Colfax Speed Queen – “Ole Nessy” // Engineer: Wes Bane-Highly Recommended by Owner
The Outfit – “Contemporary Adult” // Engineer: Spencer Alred & Stuart Confer-Sad Pad Records
Major Sports – “22:36” // Engineer: Chris Fogal-Black in Bluhm Music
The Sound Collapse – “Getting Old is a Young Man’s Game” // Engineer: Chris Fogal-Black in Bluhm Music
Muscle Beach – “When Horns Grow Teeth” // Engineer: Todd Wilcox-Halogen Sound
Bud Bronson & The Good Timers – “Victory Lap Through a Memory” //Engineer: Johnny Wilson-FtLP Studio

Farm To Turntable Release
Farm to Turntable Vinyl Release
presented by Black in Bluhm Music and
Ratio Beerworks

Friday June 23rd at 3 Kings Tavern
Major Sports
The Knew
Colfax Speed Queen
Dirty Few
The Sound Collapse

8pm doors
8:30pm show
$8 entry or $25 entry w/vinyl

See ya out there in support!!!


onTheWeb: The Sound Collapse Facebook | The Sound Collapse Bandcamp | Black In Bluhm

Follow: @soundcollapse @BlackInBluhm


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