News: Splitters join the FtLP Records family; stream first song

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Today we are so very proud to announce that Detroit’s Splitters have joined the FtLP Records family.

Splitters are a four-piece punk rock band hailing from the Motor City. Comprised of long time friends Dan Stover (Break Anchor), Roger Fruin (Due North, Cheapshow), Alex Errington (Cheapshow), and Ben L; Splitters formed in the last gasps of 2015 to play honest songs about the dark parts of life with good old fashioned Midwestern heart.

Their debut album Last Time I Swear reflects just that. 8 songs inspired by punk rock staples such as Against Me!, the Lawrence Arms, and the Menzingers, intended to keep you partying through the night with your best friends.

Johnny Wilson (FtLP Records):

When I heard these songs for the first time, it brought something back to me that I missed from the 90’s. Not sitting in nostalgia, but that somewhat darker side to the pop punk genre with a tinge of emo to make it very real and honest. Most people know honest music is what I search for and when Splitters said they wanted to work with FtLP Records, it was a flat out no-brainer. Best thing was it wasn’t just the first listen that grabbed me, it was that 2nd, 3rd and 4th, etc. Which to me are the longest lasting albums in my catalog. I’m excited to have everyone else hear this!

You can pre-order Last Time I Swear from Bandcamp with an immediate download of the 1st track “Horrible Terrible” from the player below today. Album officially releases on November 18th, 2016.

Stream “Horrible Terrible” below:

Splitters - Last Time I Swear


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Track Listing:

01. Horrible Terrible
02. Black Tar
03. Southbound
04. Rocking Chair
05. Cheap
06. Can of Gasoline
07. Last Time I Swear
08. Spinning Tires


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