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News: All Torn Up! (NYC) Partner Up with FtLP Records; Pre-order available

NYC political punk 5 piece, All Torn Up!, releases it’s new EP, Social Immolation, on January, 14th. As Trump gears up to ascend to his throne and we all settle in to see the miserable depths to which this empire can sink, All Torn Up’s Social Immolation shines a light on the role rebellious, uplifting counter-culture can play in our dark futures.

Newer label FtLP Records is releasing this limited run of 500 red vinyl. The 4-song 7” consists of fast paced, hard hitting, politically driven songs. These songs cover topics such as the U.S.’s role in current destabilization of the “Middle East” to a ferocious critic on the way religion has played in beating down all people’s, but especially Women’s ability to empower themselves.

Leftöver Crack’s own Stza Crack, aka Scott Sturgeon, joins lead vocalist Joey Steel in All Torn Up’s “Legalized Genocide”. This song is a scorching indictment of how the racist history of the USA can be seen every day as racist laws continue to be carried out by police all across the land. The song brings both Stza and All Torn Up’s legendary distaste for the police in this country to the root of why the cops are and will always be the bastards they indeed are. The song also touches on some of the most critical issues that define our lives like institutional racism against Black and Brown people and continued attacks on Native Americans.

The New York album show release will be on Saturday, January 14th, 2017 at the new Brooklyn DIY space, THE OTHER SIDE. All the money raised at the door will go to The Urban Resources Institute’s domestic violence shelter programs. All Torn Up! believes we need to do everything we can to combat this mentality in our own scenes and give everything we can to help those suffering it in Trump’s America. All Torn Up’s goal to put the heart back in punk and community back in music. Check out more information HERE.

Johnny Wilson (FtLP Records):

It is with great pleasure that I announce the partnership between New York City’s All Torn Up! and FtLP Records. When approached about doing work with these guys, I was immediately excited to say the least just from the few email exchanges we had. Once I met singer Joey, I was even more sure we are / will be on the same page and feel uniquely the same about music after we had a chance to meet in Denver. So we partnered up to bring you one hell of an amazing EP. Really looking forward to having these guys in the family!

Stream Social Immolation below:

This EP is a limited edition red vinyl 7″ with some staying in New York for their record release show and mail order being available on FtLP Records. Shipping will begin from FtLP Records on January 13th, 2017 but pre-orders are available from the link below. Get em while they’re available.

Social Immolation


Pre-Order Now



Track Listing:

01. Catalyst
02. Decolonize Your Mind
03. Legalized Genocide (featuring Stza Crack)
04. Curse God

All Torn Up will also be doing a D.C. album release at the protests during Trump’s inauguration Jan. 21st at Franklin Square Park. and in Philadelphia on Jan. 28th. Check out more information HERE.


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