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Interview: Johnny Has a Chat with Albuquerque, NM’s Glitter Dick

For the Love of Punk Exclusive by Johnny Wilson

A few months ago I was reminded of so many things I really enjoyed about earlier punk bands. Including the idea that punk was never so much just about a sound, but in the beginning, it was a lot of different things and means something different to different people. Yes, that’s right folks, punk is exactly what the holder of that card wants it to be. This could mean the raunchiest sounding mathematical-socio-political machine, or the most stripped down to the basics rock n roll with fist clenched in the air to antagonize anyone and everyone. The stance this zine has always taken and will always take is that it’s about honesty in what you’re doing.

Why do I say all this? Because back in the early days of punk, there was something we called glam-punk. The New York Dolls were on the forefront of this with their “glammed out” look and balls to the wall rock and roll spectacle. Was this punk rock? You bet it was. It had enough snot to cake the walls at any venue and they certainly stood out in the crowd while testing boundaries of sexuality and paying tribute to the simplicity of rock and roll.

This brings us to Glitter Dick. Albuquerque, NM’s sweethearts have reached way back to the beginnings for their inspiration. Bringing stage presence and snot back to the equation. They pay homage to the greats like Bowie, The Stooges and New York Dolls; yet still bringing something new to the table and ringing in what I hope to be a new wave of fans to the glam-punk era. Their own description; “Play like Berry, Act Like Iggy, Look Like Bowie!” I’m a fan, I’m sold and cannot wait for these nuts to make their way to Denver or I make a trip to New Mexico to check them out live.

I was lucky enough to chat with everyone in the band about a few things and below is the result!

(Johnny): Let’s start with getting all your names and contribution to the band.

(Kendoll Killjoy): vocals, keys, tambourine

(Magnum P. Nye): Guitar

(Suzi De Sade): Drums

(Dee Dee Ramen): Bass Falling from grace while landin’ flat on my face

Everyone does some backing vocals

You guys are pulling from such greats as New York Dolls, Bowie and throwing some super snot in on top of that. Some of the older crowd probably get it, but do  you think some of the younger crowd might be defining you guys in the wrong way  because of the glam leanings?

Killjoy:I’m sure most of the younger crowd, even people in their twenties like me (which is over the hill in the music scene), don’t get it.  I’m a bit of a musical luddite who’s more into MoTown than dubstep though.   Punk originated with bands that weren’t afraid to be a little more out there because there was no established definition of what the scene was, and no definition of the genre gives a lot more freedom… but I’m sure those who don’t know the history probably see a picture of us and erroneously write us off as a Poison cover band.  I don’t particularly care though…I’m over “punk”, over “hardcore”, I just want to have fun and go nuts playing music, some people lose themselves trying to be a certain genre and I don’t want to play that game.    Also, apparently everyone thinks our name is a Twilight reference, which is really weird cuz when I hear “Glitter Dick” my brain doesn’t jump to “sparkly, mopey, Mormon vampires”…I guess I’m just not part of the tween cultural zeitgeist.

Dee Dee: I think that anybody with ear balls who actually listen to the songs will get it. The glam, to me, is what our style of music is and the attitude that it spews forth.

Where would you say you draw your main inspiration for the band musically and  lyrically?

P. Nye: I listen to a lot of metal.  Unfortunately, I’m not that good so I settled on playing garage rock.  That being said, I think New Bomb Turks is one of the best bands in the garage punk genre; also, Dead Boys and The Dictators.

Killjoy: It’s eclectic because influences can come in a variety of subtle forms in a song; I’m as much influenced by The Vibrators, King Khan & the BBQ Show, and The Mummies as I am Adam & the Ants, Gene Chandler, or Nick Cave.  I also believe in the old saying “Good musicians borrow, great musicians steal”, which I interpret to mean if you steal you make the thing yours, but if you borrow you just make an obvious reference.  That’s the problem I have with mashup culture and sampling: it’s borrowing, not stealing, and you can tell the source of the sample and who REALLY owns the melody or beat.  If you steal it, make it your own, transform it, you put your influence into it and make it your own so nobody can tell who you took it from because now you own it, the same way a good cover is so transormed from the original it almost no longer seems a cover but a new original song.

Dee Dee: Musically: New York Dolls, the Heartbreakers, the Stooges, Garage tone and the Sway of the Rolling Stones. Lyrically: Not the person to ask on this one except for “Johnny T’s OD” and it pretty much speaks for itself…..I Heart Johnny Thunders!

Are you guys getting a good reception in Albuququerque from the other groups and  how is the scene there?

P. Nye: I’m not sure what people think of us.  We definitely see a lot of familiar faces at each show and we have yet to play an empty room but I think we make a lot of eyes roll because we don’t take it completely seriously– or maybe we come off like we’re trying too hard to not look serious?  I don’t know.  Hipsters are jerks. There are a lot of amazing bands here.  We mainly play the bars but there’s a thriving house show/ gallery show scene that’s really eclectic.  A lot of noise rock, psych, garage, desert rock, metal, and a few good punk bands.  This is a fun town for music. There is one band that seems to have a problem with us– Terry Shaivo Dance Party.  They started playing out right after us– tasteless garage-slop.  I think their bass player is racist, too.

I heard a little rumor. Something to do with those daytime “judge” shows  helping fund your recording. Can you elaborate on that or are you still sworn to  secrecy?

P. Nye: Really? Where the fuck did you hear that?  There may or may not be a lawsuit pending but we can’t really talk about it.  I can say that saying ‘butt-plug’ on network TV bums people out.

Dee Dee: Trust everything you hear. By the way my wife is a lawyer so my advice to you is “Don’t worry about it”.

Any upcoming plans to start touring your neighboring cities or are you all tied to the “day jobs”?

Killjoy: We wanted to have a record out before touring.  Once we get the record out we plan on hitting the road.  So help us put it out and pre-order a copy HERE before October ends!

P. Nye: I work a skate shop.  I’m always able to tour (anyone need a tour guitar player?)  Once this record drops we plan on hitting the road.  

Dee Dee: What’s a “Day Job”? Sounds sexy!

You’ve been sitting on your current recording for a little while now. Any ideas  on how, where and when this will be released?

Killjoy: The album is 10 songs long and is called “Sparkling Richard”. The current plan is to put out the first album ourselves, people can order it on Kickstarter to ensure it’s release, so order it before Halloween! 

Anything else you’d like to tell all the For the Love of Punk readers?

P. Nye: Don’t vote.

Killjoy: Rock over London! Rock over Chicago!  Free Will is an illusory relic of Cartesian mind-body dualism that does not mesh with an empirically-supported materialist worldview!

As stated in the interview, you can pre-order Sparkling Richard from their Kickstarter Project. Also, we have a video below which was premiered by BlankTV of the song “Audiophile” which will appear on the album, so you can check out for yourself what Glitter Dick is all about. Don’t say I didn’t tell you they are awesome when your friends are all making fun of you for not having the album!


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  1. Well… this is a style of punk I certainly haven’t heard before. Haha, that video made me laugh.

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