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Holy shit! It’s that time of the year again! The Gathering of the Beardalos known as FEST is upon us! Hey everyone, Kevin here to once again help you out if you are stuck in a pickle and are having trouble deciding exactly what bands you should see down in America’s dong AKA Florida. With over 350 bands playing over 5 days, Pre-Fest and Fest can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Maybe you couldn’t get in to see The Copyrights, or maybe you fucked up and missed Arliss Nancy again for the third year in a row, or maybe you’re just looking for new bands to fall in love with. Whatever the reason, I am here to tell you about eleven bands you might not know about that I believe are worth your time. So welcome to Kevin-Eleven, where we always have great music and an endless supply of two day old hot dogs.

11. Western Settings

Western Settings is my favorite band from right here in my hometown of San Diego. There, I said it. This is their second time playing Fest. They will be coming off a month long tour of god damned Europe, so expect them to be tighter than ever… or complete exhausted messes. Either way, you win! Regan Ashton from Problem Daughter will be filling in on guitar, so buy them shots and welcome them back to the land of the free as they serenade you with hits off their recent EP Old Pain.

Western Settings plays Pre-Fest at 8:30pm on Wednesday 10/26 at New World Brewery and at Fest at 8:10pm on Saturday 10/29 at High Dive.

10. Get Dead

Speaking of being back from Europe, San Francisco’s Get Dead will also be freshly back from their own jaunt across the sea. These five punks just released Honesty Lives Elsewhere, their second full length on Fat Wreck Chords, and it’s seriously one of the best albums in this jam packed year. So if you like drinking, partying, and folk inspired punk songs, this is the band for you.

Get Dead plays Fest at 8:40pm on Sunday 10/30 at Market Street Pub.

9. Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane? Never heard of him. He must be another old punk doing acoustic shit. WRONG! Well, half wrong. He is an old punk, but he is part of the Fest comedy lineup. That’s right; Fest isn’t just about the music. Normally, I wouldn’t be into stand up comedy, but this dude is seriously funny. I only found out about him because he is heading out on tour with The Falcon, and once I looked him up realized he was in that Netflix show Love for a minute, so that’s fun. Take break from the tunes and come down to start a mosh pit in your stomach from laughing. That was lame. Sorry.

Kyle Kinane will perform at Fest at 3:23pm on Saturday 10/29 and Sunday 10/30 at Rocky’s Piano Bar.

8. SteveO and the Crippling Addictions

The Holy Mess is dead. I will never forgive myself for missing most of their set at Fest 13, but you can’t change the past, so shut up about it. Fortunately, SteveO will be at Fest playing in his new project SteveO and the Crippling Addictions. Not really a lot of music to go on at the moment, he just has a split up on his Bandcamp with Turnspit, but I will not miss a chance to 1/3 make up for past mistakes.

SteveO and the Crippling Addictions will play Fest at 2:50pm on Saturday 10/29 at The Midnight.

7. Caskitt

Caskitt is great. They had one of the best sets at Fest 14 and their new album Old Fires, New Frontiers is definitely a contender for album of the year. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t way more hyped for their AFI cover set, and I’m not even a huge AFI fan. Matt Caskitt will step out from behind the drum kit and do his best Davey Havok impression and that is something that I just can’t miss. Especially if he wears a mesh shirt. Oh, and Jimmy Gomez will be filling in on drums, but no one should really care about that because #whothefuckisjimmygomez?

Caskitt will play their AFI cover set at Fest at 11:20pm on Saturday 10/29 at Tall Paul’s and their regular set at 9:30pm on Sunday 10/30 at Market Street Pub.

6. The Brokedowns

The Brokedowns are one of those bands that I downloaded all their music a long time ago and just never listened to it. Why? I don’t know. Then one day my dear friend Kendra asked me if I liked them because they were playing a show when I was going to be in Chicago. She sent me a couple of songs to listen to and I fucking loved them. Then I was pleasantly surprised when I already had all their songs in my iTunes. So maybe that’s why, a kind of future treat yo self. Later, I made a fool of my self in front of them when I asked the singer in a sassy tone, “what, are you in the band or something?” Moral of the story, they’re great.

The Brokedowns will play Pre-Fest at 10:50pm on Thursday 10/27 at New World Brewery and Fest at 3:10pm on Saturday 10/29 at Boca Fiesta.


DFMK is one of the best bands you will see live period. Think the stage presence of PEARS, but in Spanish. They are heading to Gainesville for the first time from Mexico, and will be bringing with them their Tijuana brand Rock and Roll. Check out their last EP they released on La Escalera Records, 7 Canciones Sobre Un Individualismo Radical, which I totally didn’t have to look up and copy and paste the name of.

DFMK will play Fest at 12:00pm on Sunday 10/30 at Loosey’s.

4. The Stupid Daikini

Another first time Fest band! Do you like ukuleles? Do you like songs that sound poppy but are actually dark as fuck? Then see this three piece band! Melissa, Brittany, and Gabe are making some of the best music coming out of that shit hole known as Riverside, California. I made sure to see them at Awesome Fest 10 in San Diego, and I will sure as fuck go see them again at Fest 15. Their new songs sound great, but in the meantime brush up on their songs by going to their Bandcamp and listening to Everything is Fine. Trust me, I’m a professional.

The Stupid Daikini will play Fest at 5:20pm on 10/28 at Loosey’s.

3. Zach Quinn

The PEARS front man goes acoustic! I know what you are saying, “I can’t see him playing a grandpa guitar and singing all slow.” Well, Joey Cape from Lagwagon could and that’s why he recorded him for his record label One Week Records, and what came out of those sessions was amazing. So if you need me, I’ll be kicking off Fest at the Wyndham Pool Party. Also, right in the middle of writing this, Fat Wreck Chords announced they are pressing Zach’s One Week Record on vinyl finally. So that’s cool.

Zach Quinn will play Fest at 2:35pm on Friday 10/28 at The Wyndham Garden Pool.

2. Gateway District

Gateway District kind of snuck onto the lineup. I was mulling over the schedule for the thousandth time and was like, “What the fuck? When did they get added?” I have been mildly obsessed with this band ever since I saw them play at Awesome Fest 7, and with members of The Soviettes, The Salteens, and Banner Pilot, how could you not be? Fun fact: I still am not 100% sure if they have a “The” in front of their name or not. Shrug emoji.

Gateway District will play Fest at 8:50pm on Friday 10/28 at Palomino.

1. Not Half Bad

Have you ever been in your friends car just minding your own god damn business when they play a song on their radio that makes you scream out, “WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?” Then you get too drunk and forgot what they said? Then spend the next day texting back and forth until you think you figured out who it was but realize you were way fucking wrong but still ended up accidentally finding the band because you remembered a single line from the song and it’s 2016 and Google knows everything? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, I guess I’m stoked to see Not Half Bad or whatever. That might be fun.

Not Half Bad will play Fest at 8:50pm on Saturday 10/29 at Durty Nelly’s and an Acoustic set t 3:30pm on Sunday 10/30 at Whiskey House.

There it is. Eleven bands to see at Fest 15 who are not playing at Bo Diddley Plaza. I just saved you from a wicked sunburn. You are welcome. Buy me a whiskey.

Pre-Fest 4 takes place in Ybor, Florida October 26th and 27th and The FEST 15 is in Gainesville, Florida October 28th through the 30th.



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