Legendary Wings

Download: Dirtnap Records Signs Legendary Wings and Gives Away Free Mp3

Hey Here’s the new one from Dirtnap Records….Legendary Wings. Here’s the first single they are giving away for a preview….

Legendary Wings “Paper Roses”: Download Now!

It happens very rarely (like a couple of times over the course of Dirtnap’s 120 releases) that Ken Dirtnap gets a random CD-R demo in the mail, pops it in, listens to it a couple of times, and then says “fuck it, we’ll put that out!” That’s just what happened in the case of Kalamzoo, MI’s Legendary Wings. Unsolicited demos are largely a lousy way to round-up new bands for the label, but once in a blue moon you get one that’s just THAT good. Musically, the apple that is Legendary Wings doesn’t fall TOO far from the tree that is Dirtnap Records, (think caffeinated, raw, fast pop), but they are also unmistakably, instantly identifiable as originating from the Midwest. Potential Johns meets Gaunt? Scared Of Chaka if they were from Minneapolis? Denton with jangle?

Legendary Wings’ debut LP, Making Paper Roses, is set to come out on Oct 9. Check out album details below.

 Making Paper Roses

1. Nachos
2. Lover
3. Too Far
4. I Think I’m Dumb
5. Cartoon
6. Pure
7. Good Food
8. Spacehead
9. Time
10. Dumb
11. Be Alone
12. Paper Roses
13. Seeing Walls
14. What Can I Give
15. Sun


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