Samiam BiB Session

Contest: Attend a Samiam Black In Bluhm Session and attend one of three Colorado shows

Well, sometimes it takes a while to get things done around here, but we’re hoping you’ll think this was well worth the wait.

One of our long time favorite bands, Samiam, are coming to Colorado for a three day run and they have also decided to open up their time to do an intimate studio session at Black In Bluhm with Electra Productions filming and Ratio Beerworks providing some tasty beverages.

Those of you that have seen the past BiB Sessions kinda know how this goes, but this time, we’re letting a lucky pair of people in AND giving you your pick of a free pair of tickets to one of the three shows. Your choice! This could be a tough choice because each show has a bit of a different lineup.

All three have Armchair Martian and The Gamits, but the bands filling the bills out at each location includes Cheap Perfume, Hotel Bar and Arliss Nancy. A hell of a few days of music.

Samiam Show Details March 9-11th, 2017 – Colorado Springs, Denver and Fort Collins:

Friday March 9th – Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep

Saturday March 10th – Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre

Sunday March 11th – Fort Collins, CO – Hodi’s Half Note

Now, there’s a few things to keep in mind that might be somewhat obvious to some, but hey, gotta cover this shit anyway so we’re not all dealing with issues instead of having fun and enjoying the day.

  1. Please don’t enter if you’re not going to be here. Sucks mega-balls to have to deal with the email chains that end up going nowhere and having to ruin all the excitement of what we’re trying to do. (not kidding, people have written and said they just entered for fun, but they live in another god damn country.) Check the date and times below to make sure and check your damn calendar. Etch that shit in stone.
  2. Check your damn spam filter day of contest ending. (I’m looking at you yahoo and hotmail users)
  3. Please be normal and considerate humans if you win. Samiam and Black in Bluhm probably doesn’t want to shovel puke or try to hold you down from losing your shit every time someone hits a note. Sure, it’s going to be exciting, it’s going to be somewhat loose and fun, but it will still be a audio recording and video taking place. It will be also on somewhat of a time constraint because most everyone there is going to be playing a show that night, so the one day is all we got.

The actual BiB Session will take place Thursday March 9th at 10am MST in Denver and Black In Bluhm. Easy to find but once we have our winner, we’ll be trading emails and dealing with all the details. You can check out some past BiB Sessions HERE and also check the site out for what they’re all about. Be sure to check out Electra Productions and Ratio Beerworks as well. They’re not only great friends, but damn amazing at what they do.


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This contest was made possible by your friends at For the Love of Punk, Black In Bluhm and Soda Jerk Presents (of course everyone involved as well as the bands)


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