Scene Watch

Scene Watch: Introducing Idaho punk band, Black Bolt

Black Bolt

It’s been a while since I’ve had any time to do a Scene Watch because, well, I’m just absolutely swamped with many projects this year and sitting down and writing without distraction is a tough opportunity to come by these days. I’m still listening to almost every music submission that comes through and recently a band from Idaho called Black Bolt spurred my interest enough to not have them wait on a review, but rather just get their music out …

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Scene Watch: Another Astronaut (Bronx, NY Pop-Punk)

Another Astronaut

Sometimes, things come across the desk (I guess email might as well constitute “desk” at this point) that catches my attention. With a plethora of bands out there, many of them trying to do the same thing, you can get caught up in the “I’ve heard that” frame of mind. That is honestly a frame of mind I can’t stand and I try to keep the mind open a bit. Even though I’m old, have heard a ton of music …

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Scene Watch: No Thanks! (Russia)

No Thanks!

I generally don’t make a big deal on this site about playing in bands, but I do and it really enables me to give a different perspective on this whole music coverage thing. It also allows me to discover stuff I might not otherwise discover. This past year I had the pleasure of touring in Russia, Italy and Switzerland which of course opened my eyes to lots of great new bands and great new people. One really fantastic pop punk band …

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Scene Watch: Accidents release new music video and keep us guessing


* featured image by Andrea Rodway Photography So yet another email has come through the old inbox and it’s from the Alexandria, VA’s band, Accidents. Simply states, “Accidents release new video.” Then I go on to read title of said video, “There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand.” I look at a few pictures (yes, I investigate what we post a bit), notice the singer isn’t showing his face on most of them and first thought is, “oh no, are …

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Scene Watch: Introducing Dwayne (featuring members of The Gamits, Laymen Terms, Tin Horn Prayer)


Today we bring you a band that I guess we could say is from Denver, but really that wouldn’t at all be true. The band is simply named Dwayne and features Chris Fogal (The Gamits, TAUNTAUN), Andy Tanner (Laymen Terms, Headhum), Andy Thomas (Only Thunder, Tin Horn Prayer) and Michael Marti (The Plus Nomination, Goodbye Fairbanks). Location wise, they are spread throughout the US and Switzerland!? One part Arkansas, two parts Colorado and one part Switzerland. Essentially they’ve been demoing …

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The Kimberly Steaks (Scottish pop-punk) stream new album

The Kimberly Steaks

Scottish pop-punk band The Kimberly Steaks are streaming their new album, To Live and Die in West Central Scotland for free on their bandcamp page. You can pick up the digital version, CD version or CD and 7″ combination on their Bandcamp site. This is some really great, gritty pop-punk a la 90’s pop-punk and I highly recommend you check it out. There’s definitely something going on in Scotland! Why all the food/meat references though? (think Scotland’s Murderburgers) RIYL: early ’90s …

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Dearly Divided Stream New Demo

Dearly Divided

Bay Area-based Dearly Divided are currently streaming the simply titled Demo #2, which features three songs from their upcoming debut full-length and will be out some time this summer. I’m definitely getting an 88 Fingers Louie vibe that I’m looking forward to hearing more of. Check out the stream below (it’s also available as a free download) and we’ll keep you posted on release details as they develop.   onTheWeb: Dearly Divided Facebook             

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The Rushmore Incident (Seattle) release new demos

The Rushmore Incident

The Rushmore Incident is a new band from Seattle made up of members from Seattle punk bands, Dateless, Smokejumper, Rabid Dogs, and Poxy. They just self released a Demo EP of 6 songs available through the band and their Bandcamp site. You might like them if you like Screeching Weasel, Off With Their Heads, or Cock Sparrer. Check out the Demos 2014 below:   onTheWeb: The Rushmore Incident Facebook | The Rushmore Incident Bandcamp             

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