Film Review: Cosmic Psychos – “Blokes You Can Trust”

Cosmic Psychos are Australia’s premier punk band, earning that title with their unmistakably Aussie take on the genre for more than thirty years. Buzz Osborne of The Melvins described their sound best, saying it’s like “late-’70s punk rock played through a stereo inside the muffler of a car dragging down the freeway.” To put it in perspective, this is a band whose debut record was nearly sent back to the label from local record stores for sounding “too muddy.” If …

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Movie Review: A Band Called Death

Throughout a Detroit neighborhood in the early 1970’s, a daily symphony of noise comes from an upstairs bedroom of the Hackney residence. The ruckus comes from brothers David, Bobby, and Dannis who would eventually come to form a proto-punk band called Death. The black brothers grew up in a house in which they were encouraged to listen to all types of artists like Bob Seger and Stevie Wonder. Three black boys in 1970’s Detroit were expected to be emulating the …

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