Review: Over Time – ‘Chances’

Over Time

It’s about time a promising hardcore band hit the Denver scene and Over Time is about to hit it hard with their thrashing debut EP, Chances. Featuring staple members of the punk scene, Over Time is a band comprised of some of the most talented and kind dudes you will ever meet. Each of them brings something unique to the table that contributes to a full and epic hardcore sound. There aren’t many bands like this in the market right …

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Review:BOSSFIGHT Daze of Gray

BOSSFIGHT     Daze of Gray BOSSFIGHT come out of San Diego (I keep saying there’s something about that city that makes for great music) and bring something pretty cool to the table with Daze of Gray. For those who didn’t get the chance to listen to [Prologue] this album’s 3 song predecessor, you’re in for a treat.  For those that did, you are getting exactly what that ep promised you.  Cohesive in scope and structure Daze of Gray is an album geared …

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Review: Victim Culture – S/T


Victim Culture – S/T Fort Collins, Colorado.  Does that city’s name conjure up any images for you? Any? At all?  Yeah, me either, until now……… Victim Culture is a rad new band hailing from this little unassuming city nestled in the rocky mountains, and with their debut release they are offering up an exciting vision of where hardcore punk is going.  From the opening track OMDB , the scene is set for the next 23 minutes and it is chock full …

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Review:Nothington In The End


Nothington      In The End I am always excited when a great album comes out. Not an album that is pretty good, but an album that is GREAT from start to finish. An album that I can listen to over and over again without wanting to skip a song. That is what it’s all about. An album that sounds like it was written as an album. Nothington’s In the End IS that album, and it speaks to me in a …

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Review:Lightweight Lightweight

Lightweight     “Lightweight” This “job” is pretty great. I get to listen to new music and then tell people about it.  Sometimes, what I get to listen to isn’t my thing (it happens) but sometimes I get to hear things like these 3 tracks from Lightweight. Called simply “Lightweight” these are the very first songs written by this new band and they are definitely something to be excited about.  Started by 4 friends, who  “After being in insignificant bands …

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