Punk Love

Journey Into Pop Punk: Searching For A Dumber Clarity

*featured image by Kevin Rettie Note from the Author: I feel like this is best read while listening to Bomb the Music Industry’s ‘Shut Up (The Punx)’. Go ahead. I’ll wait. “What kind of music do you listen to?” If you want to see a grown ass human being almost break down, ask me this question. It’s not that it’s a difficult question to answer; it’s just that the answer is never truly satisfying to the one asking. First of all, …

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Punksgiving: A Retrospective Look at What We’re Grateful For This Year

Beach Slang

*featured image by Patrick Houdek 2015 is almost over. The days are getting shorter. Christmas music invades our ear space at every turn. Holiday shopping specials are barked at us in all possible forms from all possible mediums. Moms begin to ask if we’ll be cutting our hair/beards before coming home or if we plan on keeping ‘that hair color’ and we prep ourselves for the onslaught of questions about what our new tattoos mean. It’s a time of stress, anxiety, …

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A Parody & Preview: Jimmy Buffe(s)t’s Margaritaville

Last night, I switched on my car radio and “Margaritaville” came on. For months now, every time I get into the car that song comes on right at the “Blew out my flip flop line”. It’s a terrible fucking song. But I do enjoy how catchy it is and how much it makes other people miserable. Hours later, I went to Kevin‘s Facebook page to post a quick Fest themed parody in hopes of annoying him. Sometimes, Kevin and I have brainstorming …

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A Fest Veteran’s Guide to Having the Best Fest Ever

The FEST 14

Fest is one of the biggest weekends of the year for fans of punk music. The first time I found myself in Gainesville, Florida was for Fest 10. I didn’t know too much about what Fest was, what I would experience, or how the weekend would unfold. Needless to say it ended up being awesome, but there were a lot of things I wish someone had prepared me for. Over the last four years, I have never missed a Fest, …

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So you want to get a Fest Tattoo?

So you want to immortalize your drunken weekend of debauchery and possible bad decisions with the ultimate keepsake, a tattoo. Whether you want the tried and true Stressface or something a little more personal, a handful of shops have been catering to the Fest crowd for years, and selecting a good shop can be daunting. Here’s some shops both in Ybor (Pre-Fest) and in Gainesville that are Fest friendly and usually run some kind of special, or have a special …

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Column: Fest Friends Forever!

Throughout the history of punk rock, there has always been a common strand of a “why not?” attitude. Ian MacKaye meticulously folded, glued and numbered the inserts for their records by hand, because why not? The heads of major labels could not have cared less about the punk scene at the time. Mike Park launched the now well-respected and loved Asian Man Records out of a garage because why not throw caution to the wind and follow your passion in …

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Journey Into Pop Punk: A Love Story

* featured image by Kevin Rettie – Horror Squad at VLHS Everyone’s punk story starts somewhere. My long, strange journey to the pop punk kingdom began in high school. As a kid, I wasn’t that into music. I was more concerned with getting that Dragonzord so I could combine it with Megazord to form the Mega Dragonzord. Then I reached that age where playing with toys was no longer considered cool (stupid growing up) and had to focus my attention …

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Punk Love: A ‘Dumb Little Band,’ A Ticket to California and a Dumb Little Plan


I was initially unsure where I’d put this article because it’s not really the “Punk Love” format but then I soon realized it’s actually everything this column is about. Let’s face it, I’ve only written one so I guess the best thing to do is take this wherever I want it to go. This time being an opportunity to fly by the seat of my pants, be a bit impulsive and not live in regret. What I’m about to embark on is …

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