Ice Cream Anti-Social: Justin Schwier of Underground Communique Records

Underground Communique

This week, I sat down with Justin Schwier of Underground Communique Records. Normally, I lightheartedly chat with bands about (their) music and the conversation renders information and opinions wrapped in a few laughs. But, this interview was much different. Justin is a literal human plethora of knowledge regarding all things Chicago punk. He was an absolute joy to talk to and his compassion for and interest in this city’s scene is extremely palpable. I walked away from our meeting feeling like I had …

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Ice Cream Anti-Social: Devon Kay & the Solutions

Devon Kay & the Solutions

It’s been two years since Devon Kay & the Solutions graced a stage in their hometown of Chicago. Since then, there have been three cross country moves, a wedding and a whole bunch of fart jokes. But now, they’re back… well, kind of. On Sunday, July 31st, I caught up with the band before their reunion show at Quencher’s in Chicago. The interview didn’t go exactly as planned. In fact, there was a bit of a catastrophe that was so …

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Ice Cream Anti-Social: Otto Mann

Otto Man

Last week, I caught up with the dudes in Otto Mann and talked over some cones to about dad rock, Lime-A-Ritas, Eddy’s new haircut and heckling stand-up comedians after they ruin your set. Kendra: Can everyone introduce themselves and let us know which flavor of ice cream you got? Vince: I’m Vince and I got ‘This Just Got Serious’. It’s like a shea cocoa butter chocolate Milano flavor, if you will. Nic: I got Peanut Butter Crunch and Strawberry sorbet and my …

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Ice Cream Anti-Social: Truman & His Trophy

Truman & His Trophy

The great city of Chicago is comprised of numerous punk scenes. From Logan Square on the North Side to Blue Island located in the wild 100s past the infamous South Side, it’s hard to throw a guitar pick and not hit a band member. And I know a lot of them; it happens in this line of work. So, when I decided that I wanted to embark on a solely Chicago based column, I wanted to be sure that my questions …

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Nazis, I Hate These Guys: Denver Rejects Nazi Skinheads at Subhumans/PEARS Show

Indiana Jones

Many of my friends told me later that night that was the first time they’d actually seen a Nazi in person. I wish I could say the same. I recall seeing them skulking around at underground punk shows in DC as a teen. Playing a show in Boulder in the early 00’s, some bonehead-fuck started sieg heiling on our dance floor. It was frightening. Over the years, the Denver punk community has been plagued by contingents of racist/fascist/nationalist thugs who cause …

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#FlyFishingSavesLives: The Story of How One Friend Changed My Life Forever

Jeff Reese

Brandon Carlisle was the drummer for Teenage Bottlerocket, an avid fisherman, and a good friend. Quick to smile and crack a joke, he always made everyone around him better. He was one of those friends who would call you out of the blue just to hang out or even just to talk. It’s something that’s fallen by the wayside with social media, texting and their more impersonal communications.

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12 Days of Black Christmas: The Suicide Machines

**Featured photo from Zack Jacob Editor’s note: Each year Detroit gathers to burn the holidays to the ground during the annual Black Christmas show. It features a venerable who’s who of the Motor City as well as some national favorites. Always an eclectic mix of punk, metal and ska it’s a party you don’t want to miss. Team FtLP is here to help guide you navigate through the heavy hitters and local legends making up this year’s lineup. On the first day of Black …

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