I Can’t Remember Words That Easy

The Strait A’s Chris Johnson Talks Tour Karma – the good, the bad, the Filet-o-Fish

The Turkletons

* featured image by Patrick Houdek (@msigarmy) Do you remember how hard it was to find somebody on Myspace? Nobody used last names and most of the first names were either clever alterations of the person’s real name or totally bogus. That means that if you met somebody awesome and didn’t get their number (you know, 100% of the time), you wound up spending days trying to find a mutual friend, scouring their friends list, and praying to shit that the person you …

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Gallery: NOFX, Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds plus Implants in Chicago


28+ years ago I skipped school – a lot. Instead of attending most of 8th grade, I would walk right past the front gate and head up to Sunset Boulevard to catch the bus to Hollywood. I had recently discovered punk rock and wanted to “be more than a witness” (that’s from Flipside fanzine for those of you under 30, no probably 35, I don’t know, it seems like it’s been a long time since FS stopped publishing). I would …

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Column / Gallery: I Didn’t Go To Riot Fest

Hard Skin

I Didn’t Go To Riot Fest by Patrick Houdek The Replacements, Rancid, AFI, Joan Jett, Screeching Weasel, Pennywise, Against Me!, Danzig, Bad Religion, etc…yeah, I didn’t see any of those bands – I didn’t go to Riot Fest Chicago 2013. I’m not much of a festival fan these days. I used to like to go back when I drank lots of booze. Sure I had fun at Warped Tour ten years ago – but I spent 99% of the time …

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