Ghouls’ Night Out

Column: Ten reasons to not skip Detroit on your next tour

Suicide Machines

** featured photo by Z. Jacob Photography of 2013’s Black Christmas You know that feeling of despair when your favorite band announces tour dates labeled with your area only to find they’ve skipped your town? Yeah, it colors my world. I live in southeast Michigan, which means the place I most often venture out to see shows is Detroit. City of car jackings, bankruptcy, government corruption and the best damn punk scene in the Midwest. Or so I say, at …

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Gallery & Column: The People of Riot Fest and Carnival Chicago

* featured photo by  Z. Jacob Photography It’s pretty easy to be negative about festivals. You’re often standing around outside, exposed to the elements for hours on end to fight your way through a gigantic crowd to see your favorite band play a rushed 40-minute set. Riot Fest and Carnival Chicago was no different. The weekend featured pretty typical Midwestern weather: Freezing rain and chilly temperatures wrapped up with the risk of sunburn. What I found there, however, was no …

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Staff: Should we still support sexist labels?

Epitaph Records

The staff over at For The Love of Punk have been having some dilemmas. It seems it’s getting harder and harder to support Epitaph Records. During the last year a lot of people across the world wide web have spoken up about problems with the once mighty label (read this awesome bit by Dan Ozzi of Jaded Punk to get up to speed). The label that dominated the 1990s has become a cesspool of shitty bands, with a few exceptions. …

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The Longest Shadow: Remembering Joe Strummer

Ten years ago I was a baby: Freshly “punk,” full of nihilism and had barely begun to sink my teeth into the scene that would end up defining most of my life. I discovered Joe Strummer and The Clash a few months after being introduced to punk music. A friend living across the country from me regularly sent me playlists and CDs full of tunes and bands he thought I’d be into. Usually he was right, we shared a lot …

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