An EP A Day

An EP a Day – Ma Jolie

Ma Jolie

*featured photo by Nick Karp Photography Todays installment is: Ma Jolie – Jetpack Mailman While Ma Jolie’s sophomore album Polars still seemed a product of their environment, leaning heavily on influence from Philadelphia cohorts The Holy Mess and The Menzingers, their latest EP Jetpack Mailman seems to have shifted to another region while really showing a ton of growth in carving out their own niche among their peers. “Tired Life” (and the entirety of the EP) is filled with an anger, …

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An EP a Day – Oklahoma Car Crash

Oklahoma Car Crash

Today’s installment is: Oklahoma Car Crash – I Know Better Now The new EP from Oklahoma Car Crash is a fairly pleasing listen. As a six-song collection, it showcases the varied influences behind the music while developing it’s own cohesive style. The opening song, “Bad for Anyone,” sounds like if Ian Graham had started a country-influenced bar band instead of Cheap Girls. It’s an autobiographical lamentation that illustrates the singer’s struggles. It’s an immediate indication that this isn’t an EP with …

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