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Tiffiny Kallina

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Gallery + Review: Riot Fest Denver 2015 (Day 3 Images)


There are two sets of FtLP Riot Fest Denver heroes that must be thanked. Firstly, we wouldn’t have ended up with such fantastic coverage without the hard work of photographers Jamy Cabre and Tiffiny Kallina. They were constantly running between stages to catch as many acts as possible and they produced phenomenal images as always. Secondly, thanks so much to (insert all booth volunteer names here) for holding down the FtLP tent all weekend. These fine people sacrificed their ability …

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Gallery + Review: Riot Fest Denver 2015 (Day 2 Images)

The Bunny Gang

What a weekend. I am extremely grateful, on behalf of Denver, that we are graced with a weekend of Riot Fest. In addition to seeing bucket-list bands live, it becomes a weekend filled with community, laughs, and memories. It is the best vacation we can all take from work and our day-to-day lives right as summer comes to an end. A weekend for the books, that’s for sure. Even though Day One was great, Day Two was the real deal. …

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Gallery: Tigers Jaw and Lemuria in Denver, CO

Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw and Lemuria provided a great lineup of indie pop punk for the evening. Both bands played excellent sets to a packed Marquis Theater. Lemuria is quickly turning into a favorite of mine with their energetic performance and damn good songs. Can’t wait until they’re back in town. * all images by Tiffiny Kallina   onTheWeb: Tigers Jaw | Lemuria Follow: @tigersjaw @lemuriapop             

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Gallery: Sleater-Kinney and Lizzo in Denver


Sleater-Kinney are a bit of a legend in the riot grrrl scene. I feel like it’s next to impossible to not know of them if you are a fan of 1990s punk music and feminism. After a hiatus that spanned almost a decade, the band released No Cities to Love on January 20th. And of course, a tour. The Denver date sold out in less than an hour, so I was excited to get the chance to attend and photograph …

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Tour: Antarctigo Vespucci / Hard Girls Announce November US Dates

Antarctigo Vespucci

Antarctigo Vespucci is comprised of dear friends and punk celebrities, Chris Farren (Fake Problems) and Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb the Music Industry!). So basically, they are the best band ever. Because I’m an irresponsible kidult I not only flew to New York to see their first show earlier this year, but just purchased flights to see their second New York show on November 15th and I have no regrets. Antarctigo Vespucci alone are enough to warrant going to see this show, …

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Cory Branan announces US tour dates

Cory Branan

My first introduction to Cory Branan was as a performer and there was no going back from there. I bought a CD and have been emotionally crushed by his music for years now. I still haven’t gotten over his last album, Mutt (2012) and here’s another one to tie my heart and head into knots. The No-Hit Wonder is no less a heartbreaker than Branan’s previous efforts and raw as ever. It’s full of Springsteen-worthy story telling and that vibrancy that …

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Gallery: Against Me! in Colorado Springs

Against Me!

If there is any band worth making the trip to Colorado Springs for, it’s Against Me!. The band always carries this amazing energy and with (in my opinion) 2014’s best album under their belts, Against Me! was not to be missed. There was a nice, enthusiastic turn out at the Black Sheep, with people crowding their way to the front in anticipation of the set. It was a great night of screaming and dancing along to some of my favorite …

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Gallery + Review: Kitten and Dear Boy at Marquis Theater in Denver


I’ve been following Kitten since I first heard “Kill the Light” in 2010. It was love at first listen and has lost no impact over the years. There’s been a couple EPs over the years, but in June, the band finally released their debut full length album. With the album release came a headline tour, including a spot in Denver for their very first full show (after opening slots for Paramore, Electric Six, and Young the Giant as well as …

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