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Ross Hostage

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Stream: Cheap Perfume – Nailed It

Cheap Perfume

I can’t really think of a better album to share with you all right now. I wrote the paragraphs below before the outcome of this 2016 election. I’m not one of those people saying “at least punk rock will be good again.” That’s bullshit, some of us have been here all along. But today, I’m glad to share a newer band like Cheap Perfume. With what could become one of my favorite releases of the year, Colorado’s Cheap Perfume have just put …

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Benefit Show: Rock Against Trump in Denver

Rock Against Trump

A whopping 53 Colorado bands and artists have joined forces to Rock Against Trump via a compilation, which will be released as a two disc set at a show at Denver’s fave DIY spot Seventh Circle Music Collective. This group effort will act as a fundraiser for numerous organizations, all of which stand against Donald Trump’s messages of racism, misogyny and xenophobia. 100% of proceeds from the sale of CDs at the event will go toward Amnesty International. As tensions escalate in Standing Rock, North Dakota, …

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Stream: Fableway – ‘Medical Tourism’


Long-running British Colombian punk rockers Fableway are back with Medical Tourism, their latest full length album and first release since 2010’s FuckSexBBQ. With a heavy lean toward Lagwagon (and skate punk, in general) this one is definitely for those who like to shred. Stream Medical Tourism below. CD and digital orders are available now, with the album released on October 25th via Melodic Punk Style.   onTheWeb: Fableway Facebook | Melodic Punk Style Follow @Fableway             

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Video: Hi-Standard – “Another Starting Line”


I can’t believe that it’s 2016 and I get to write about new music from Japanese punk rock legends Hi-Standard. They were one of those Fat Wreck bands that I took a chance on based on their tracks from the Survival of the Fattest comp and their seminal records Angry Fist and Making the Road became stable pillars of my collection for years to come. Now, here we are, FIFTEEN YEARS since they released the Love is a Battlefield EP and I’m so stoked to share the the …

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Parody Video: MF Ruckus – “The Trump Boogie”

MF Ruckus

*featured photo by D-Rock Imaging Normally, we don’t cover hip hop or rap-rock on the site (check out the name, duh) but, when it comes to skewering Donald Trump, we’re completely fine with breaking down walls and genre boundaries. Denver’s southern fried rock titans MF Ruckus have produced a sizzling diss track aimed at Drumpf set to the tune of Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba.” Here’s what singer Aaron Howell had to say about how the song came together: We had a really short turnaround to …

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Video: Culture Abuse – “Dream On”

Culture Abuse

*featured photo by Chelsea Muehe San Francisco’s Culture Abuse put out Peach earlier this year (one of my fave releases of 2016) and are now showing what it’s like to live the rock and roll dream in a new video for their song “Dream On.” The band documented their recent travels and it looks like those dudes are having a swell time. Check out the video for “Dream On” below. Culture Abuse released Peach, their debut album, in April 2016 on 6131 Records. The record …

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Video Premiere: American Blackout – “Shots Fired”

American Blackout

*featured photo by Heather Miller Alternative punkers American Blackout have put together a little murder mystery to go along with the premiere of their latest single “Shots Fired.” The Ft. Collins, Colorado foursome lay down some catchy hooks on this one; learn the backup vocals on the first chorus and you’ll be joining in on the rest of them in no time. Was it Colonel Mustard in the Study with the candlestick? You’ll just have to watch the video below and find out. “Shots …

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