Kyle Janis

Kyle Janis

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BIO: Hi. I’m Kyle. My interests include hot sauce, pop punk, malort, hockey, tacos, and getting pumped. I don’t really get wrestling, but if that’s your thing then cool. Koozies are one of the most utilitarian inventions of all time. You’re not here to read about me, read the articles.

Review + Gallery: Riot Fest Chicago Day 3


Let me take a moment to tell you about the Law of Standard Deviation. In short, it states that 99.7% of all occurrences of an event or action will take place within three deviations of the mean (or 0 deviations). This is the principal behind that bell curve that your teachers always talked about. Everyone pretty much does the same except for the burnout who tanked the exam because they spent seven hours geeked up on Adderall looking up conspiracy …

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Review + Gallery: Riot Fest Chicago Day Two

Social Distortion

Insanity, by Einstein’s definition, is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. While this may or may not be a true attribution, it is a fair statement and the most accurate to how I approach any music festival. For those of you keeping track of my writing (see: my review of the Shaky Knees festival in May), you will know that my experience is a predictable one as shittily illustrated by the graph below. Day …

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Review + Gallery: Riot Fest Chicago Day One


It is 12:30pm and it feels like a jellyfish is hugging my balls. “Does it look I’m hiding anything in my crotch?” I ask my girlfriend Rachel. My hangover tells me that I’m being more paranoid than I should be…this isn’t my first rodeo. As a Polish punk there are few things I love more than combining my passion for subverting authority with my love of saving money. Which brings us to this point: waddling through the security line at …

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Riot Fest Chicago Survival Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts

Riot Fest

So you’re coming to Chicago for Riot Fest this weekend, huh? We here at For the Love of Punk thought we’d put together a little weekend guide for you. Whether you’re a lifer, a suburban weekend warrior, or an out-of-towner crashing on your buddies couch, we want to make sure you know the DO’S and DON’TS of Riot Chicago. DO: Prepare for the elements Chicago has a history of irrational, moody, and sometimes unforgiving weather… much like that ex that you …

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Review: Shaky Knees Music Festival – Day 2 – The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter

Oh, Jameson…my friend, my lover, my enemy, and my undoing. It was the second day of the Shaky Knees Festival and I apparently learned absolutely nothing the previous day. George Santayana once said “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” To George I say “fuck you.” The Southern sun was shining, the spring birds were singing, and all I wanted is for Atlanta to sink into the sea and end my suffering. Set me adrift like a slightly …

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Review: Shaky Knees Music Festival In Atlanta – Day 1

Metal kid with The Kills

The sun came shining through the unshaded window of our Airbnb and the first thought in my aching head was “this is the kind of hangover that a writer should have”. Taking a Thompson-esque approach to my preparations for the first festival coverage assignment of my writing career, I started drinking whiskey well in advance of our 6PM flight to Atlanta. And like Hunter, I made sure to come prepared for the flight, packing nearly half a fifth of Jameson, …

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Punksgiving: A Retrospective Look at What We’re Grateful For This Year

Beach Slang

*featured image by Patrick Houdek 2015 is almost over. The days are getting shorter. Christmas music invades our ear space at every turn. Holiday shopping specials are barked at us in all possible forms from all possible mediums. Moms begin to ask if we’ll be cutting our hair/beards before coming home or if we plan on keeping ‘that hair color’ and we prep ourselves for the onslaught of questions about what our new tattoos mean. It’s a time of stress, anxiety, …

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