Kevin Rettie

Kevin Rettie

LOCATION: Oceanside, CA
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BIO: San Diego Burrito Eater seeking fame and fortune in a mostly ignored scene with mediocre writing.

Review + Gallery: Fest 15 In Gainesville

Mac Sabbath

Friday morning, we woke up groggy and hung over. We successfully partied and did the things we wanted to do for two days. The newly dubbed “Chicken Who Crew” gathered up our belongings and hopped in the rent a car bound for another three days of debauchery in a new city. Gainesville, Florida and The Fest 15 were a mere two hours away. We arrived at The Wyndham Resort and were immediately told that none of the rooms were ready for the mass …

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Review + Gallery: Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor 4


“Yeah, can I get a Whiskey-Ginger, and 2 Goose Islands please?” The old woman working the only open bar in LAX past 1am on a Wednesday morning stared at me dead eyed. She had lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. “Want to make the Whiskey a double?” I thought back to the events of the day. Work 8 hours. Pick up my friend Kaylin. Drive from San Diego to Los Angeles. Get to the airport. Get 4 people …

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FEST 15 Preview: Kevin-Eleven


Holy shit! It’s that time of the year again! The Gathering of the Beardalos known as FEST is upon us! Hey everyone, Kevin here to once again help you out if you are stuck in a pickle and are having trouble deciding exactly what bands you should see down in America’s dong AKA Florida. With over 350 bands playing over 5 days, Pre-Fest and Fest can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Maybe you couldn’t get in to see The Copyrights, or …

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Review: Against Me! – ‘Shape Shift With Me’

Against Me!

*Feature image by Jamy Cabre It seems like everybody on the planet Earth has an opinion about Against Me!, a kind of gold standard they hold the band to. And honestly, when you’ve been a band for almost 20 years and consistently change your sound, that’s to be expected really. The Anarcho punks made way for the Fat punks who made way for the main stream radio friendly punks who made way for the… indie rockers? Garage rock punks? Pop poppers? Whatever the …

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Gallery: Chuck Ragan and the Camaraderie in San Diego, California

I had a rough couple of weeks. Not the kind of rough where bad shit just keeps happening and happening, but the kind of rough where you feel like Slurms McKenzie and are just “so tired of partying…so very tired.”  Awesome Fest 10 led directly into flying to Chicago for my good friend Kendra’s birthday. So when I finally got home I said, “NO MORE! It’s time for a break. I’m not leaving my house for at least 2 weeks. Deal with …

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Review: Zach Quinn – ‘One Week’


* Featured image by Marta Kay Punk rock rule #148 clearly states, “The lead singer of any punk band who is over the age of 35 has up to 6 years to release an acoustic album comprised of either versions of said band’s popular songs or original songs that ‘just don’t fit with the band’s style’ or a combination of the two. Cover swill also be accepted.” Don’t believe me? Go grab your rule book you were given the first …

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Review: Get Dead – ‘Honesty Lives Elsewhere’


* Featured image by Kendra Sheetz Whenever Fat Wreck Chords signs a new band I have never heard of, instinct kicks in before I even know what’s happening and I’m checking out that bands older stuff. That’s the kind of power you obtain after putting out solid music for 25 straight years. So back in 2013 when they signed a band from San Francisco called Get Dead, before I could even say to myself “who the fuck is that?” I …

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News: Western Settings releasing new EP – ‘WS’

Western Settings

* Featured image by Kendra Sheetz San Diego sweethearts Western Settings are already set to unleash more music out into the wild. Not content with just one EP release this year (Old Pain was released on April 15th via Creator-Destructor Records), the band announced that a new EP will come out next week. This will be their second EP release in just three months. Cryptically titled WS, it will contain acoustic and 8-bit versions (think, old Nintendo music) of previously released songs along with a couple …

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