Judd Irish Bradley

Judd Irish Bradley

I grew up and have lived all over the place. 20 years of photographing the most wonderful people places and things and I used live in a town named after a game show, now I’m in Africa. What else could you possibly want to know.

Review: Russian Girlfriends – ‘All Around’

Russian Girlfriends

I keep telling myself “I know these guys. Why am I writing this review for All Around, the debut from Russian Girlfriends? I suck at reviews. I’m biased, lazy, and I live half way around the world.” Then, I realize that this is FtLP and, like the rest of you, I’m a big fan of the punk rock. I’m a big fan of music in general, but punk rock is the raw, primitive bedrock for my love of music. So why …

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Celebrating Tim and Lori’s Union Punk Rock Style in Vegas

Tim and Lori Wedding

Dearly beloved we are gathered here to mosh in celebration of the union of Lori Patton and Tim O’Hara! That’s right, as the punk masses (unwashed in the case of crust punks) descend on Las Vegas for the annual Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival a large group are here for an even more joyous occasion, A WEDDING! It’s Always a cause for celebration when two people who love each other decide to make it official and tie the knot, …

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Review: Hub City Stompers – ‘Life after Death’

Hub City Stompers

Isn’t ska dead? Nope! With Life After Death, the Hub City Stompers once again prove their raw, passionate style is still very relevant despite their long hiatus. The New Brunswick, NJ band’s style is a step away from traditional 2-tone and is just hardcore enough to get your arms swinging. To paraphrase from lyrics on their previous release: They didn’t take out the soul, or passion, and they left out the bubblegum and the mainstream. Although not a song-by-song review, …

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Gallery: Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends, Mighty Mongo and The Maxies : Keep on Skanking Tour 2014

Reel Big Fish

I cannot even remember the first time I saw Reel Big Fish. It was very soon after I was introduced to ska through a local Albuquerque band called Beat Fetish. It was in the Early 90s… I think..? Since those days, I have seen them numerous times and they have introduced me to bands I probably would have never heard of otherwise.  This show brought it all back. There was a revitalized energy. The kind of energy you can’t reproduce. …

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Gallery: Swingin’ Utters, Stabbed In Back, Get Action and God’s Got A Gun

Swingin' Utters

Gallery: Swingin’ Utters, Stabbed In Back, Get Action and God’s Got A Gun (or why you shouldn’t drink too much when photographing a show) At Low Spirits Albuquerque NM November 30th 2013 I’m human. You probably assumed that, but I wanted everyone to realize that as a human I make mistakes. Some big, some small and some insignificant, but all of them are equally mistakes. So I have been planning on shooting Swingin’ Utters since this show was announced some time …

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Ska, Beer, Attitude and Altitude; An Interview with The Pietasters in Brekenridge CO

The Pietasters

The DC based band, The Pietasters, are some of the friendliest most talented guys out there. They are known for liking their beer. So when Ska Brewing Co., Beeradvocate.com and D.C. Brau decided to host them for a night at the Marquis Theater and at 320 South to debut Tasters Choice, I decided a road trip was in order. They’ve been asked a million times. “How did you guys get the Pietasters name?”, “What was it like playing with James …

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Gallery: Paul Collins’ Beat, Kepi Ghoulie, The Maxies and Miss Chain and the Broken Heels in Las Cruces, NM

Paul Collins' Beat

So for years I hear “Go to the Trainyard. It’s a great place to watch music”. I never went. I’ve had reasons to go, but I have been covering music so long that the venues all seem to blur. Next thing I know my friend Maximum called me and said “Hey man. We’re gonna be in Las Cruces to club some seals and melt some faces” Then he tells me about the tour  being with Paul Collins’ Beat (never to …

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