Jessica O'Brien

Jessica O'Brien

I have been involved in the music industry for over three years working as a DJ and broadcaster for a pirate radio station, GreenLight Radio, in Boulder, Colorado. Broadcasting “The Punk Rock Show” has provided me so many opportunities over the years, mostly by giving me a reason to talk to my personal punk rock heroes. When offered the chance to review for FtLP, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to throw myself into music in a new and completely different way. I do have a very different background than many of the writers for the company, but share the love of punk, and I glad to be part of the team.

Review: Teenage Bottlerocket – ‘Tales From Wyoming’

teenage bottlerocket

The boys in Teenage Bottlerocket are back at it again with their latest album Tales From Wyoming, their sixth studio album and first for Rise Records. I’ve been listening to this album for about two months now with the extremely difficult task of trying to figure out how I could possibly put into words just how fantastic this thing is. Tales From Wyoming is a collection of love stories, full of lust and sweet nothings, true to the band’s sound but surprisingly original. Instrumentally, the …

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Review: ‘Home Street Home’ Soundtrack

home street home

Home Street Home is the latest release from NOFX’s “Fat” Mike Burkett. This album is not a NOFX release however, it was released under the artist name Fat Mike and Friends and is the soundtrack from Fat Mike’s first musical of the same name. The soundtrack features many songs from the musical, but not the entire score. Fat Mike wrote the music with and was co-wrote the lyrics with Soma Snakeoil (AVN Award winning writer/director) and Jeff Marx (Tony Award winner). The …

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Review: The Dwarves – ‘Gentleman Blag’ EP

The Dwarves

*featured image by Patrick Houdek Gentleman Blag, the latest seven inch from shock-rockers The Dwarves, features the same metal/pop punk blend of sound that the band is known for. With only half of the four songs not previously released and one of those tracks being only thirty-three seconds long, it is hard to say the EP itself has a specific sound. It does, however, have a main theme of sex, with “Gentleman Blag” speaking about singer Blag Dahlia’s willingness to hump literally anything. “Trisexual” (the …

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Review: Lagwagon – “Hang”


Hang is the latest full-length album from Lagwagon and is well worth the nine year wait since their last one, Resolve. The album is written like a great tragedy, an epic opus from start to finish. The band rarely uses sound clips, but has one throughout the first song and one at the end of the album. The first, detailing the things we hold on to during life, and the second, in a robotic woman’s voice, details the things we …

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Review: Society’s Ills – “Adversity”

Society's Ills

Montreal’s Society’s Ills describe themselves as a mix of “stumble punk” and “melodic-hardcore punk,” and their new album Adversity definitely has a unique style. This is the third full-length album the band has put out (including a full-length demo) as well as an EP since 2010. The band is obviously dedicated and manages to sound impressive from their first release, but as all artists should theoretically improve with time, we know this is not always the case. Society’s Ills manages to start out …

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Review: Bracket – ‘Hold Your Applause’


Hold Your Applause is the seventh studio album to be released by the Forestville, California band Bracket. Released August 5th, 2014, the album has the band returning to label High Output Records after almost two decades. Although this is Bracket’s first studio album released through High Output, they released two EP’s with the company, The Giant Midget EP (1993) and Appetite for Food (1997). Hold Your Applause, the first album to be released by the band in eight years has sixteen tracks, …

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Review: The Menzingers – ‘Rented World’

the menzingers

In the punk scene, garnering critical acclaim for an album is hard to do but Pennsylvania-based band The Menzingers did just that with their widely heralded 2012 release On The Imposible Past. Following such a great success is sometimes even harder than producing the original giant, but The Menzingers have done so with gusto on their fourth studio album, Rented World. Rented World is a twelve song full–length recorded at Miner Street Recordings and is an album that dabbles in pop-punk, folk …

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Review: Morning Glory – “War Psalms”

Morning Glory

*featured photo by Dawn Wilson War Psalms is the latest album to be released by Morning Glory and is the second full-length from the band to be released on the Fat Wreck Chords label. Coming in at just less than thirty-nine minutes with thirteen songs, the album’s name is also the theme for the entire album; where the band has gone after faulty police practices in the past this album deals mainly in the politics of never-ending war. This album is solid …

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