Chris Roob

Chris Roob

Just a broke college student living the dream. While ska is my main jam, I live and breathe the Denver music scene. I’m a CD collector, Vinyl listener, Avalanche fan, and Drummer. Really, what else is there?

Review: Over Time – ‘Chances’

Over Time

It’s about time a promising hardcore band hit the Denver scene and Over Time is about to hit it hard with their thrashing debut EP, Chances. Featuring staple members of the punk scene, Over Time is a band comprised of some of the most talented and kind dudes you will ever meet. Each of them brings something unique to the table that contributes to a full and epic hardcore sound. There aren’t many bands like this in the market right …

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Review + Gallery: Pennywise, Strung Out, Unwritten Law and Runaway Kids in Denver


SoCal pride was flowing strong in Denver this October when the best skate punk bands of the 90s rolled through The Ogden Theatre in full force. For a wednesday night punk show, The Ogden theatre was packed with an older crowd of punks that could look past the service fees attached to the ticket price. With the majority of the audience sporting Jim Lindberg’s signature baseball hat, this crowd was ready to transport back to the mid 90s when the …

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Review: Then I Fly – ‘Please Take Offense’

Then I Fly

In the world that I live in, music is as accessible as water. Social media, word of mouth, mixtapes, and even (God forbid) the radio are all ways for music to penetrate my life from every angle. So it kills me when a band is right at my fingertips and I am too overwhelmed with every other song that I ignore what is right in front of my face. Denver’s Then I Fly is now one of my favorite local bands. …

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Review: NOFX – “The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories” (book)


*featured photo by Chris Douglass Yes. NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories may be the most filthy literature you’ll ever read. However, when I was expecting solely a book of putrid stories about drugs and Fat Mike’s fetishes, what I ended up with was a much deeper look into the souls of four broken musicians. No matter what anyone says, NOFX will always be a band that holds near to every punk’s heart. Whether it’s admitted or not, they …

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Review: Potato Pirates/Sniper 66 – Split Seven Inch

Potato Pirates

*featured photo of Potato Pirates by Wilson Photoworks Punk rock is alive and well in 2016 and what better way to start off the year than with a split seven inch from two of the hardest working bands in the national punk scene: Denver’s Potato Pirates and Austin’s Sniper 66. These two bands have been on the front lines of keeping punk rock alive and, after many years of putting out records and touring, they have worked their way to the top. …

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Review + Gallery: Agnostic Front, 99 Bottles and the Kaotix in Denver

Agnostic Front

I hope one day that the Denver punk scene becomes as notorious as the New York Hardcore scene is. These bands from the early 80s still have insane amounts of pride for their local scene and it’s extremely inspiring to know that they continue to keep it alive. Agnostic Front is essentially that hardcore band that will be around forever and maintain a hefty nationwide following for as long as they continue to thrive. When they graced Denver on a …

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Review: Be Like Max – ‘Against All Odds’

Be Like Max

Be Like Max is the first band that I have had the pleasure of reviewing two albums for, their sophomore album Just Tryin’ to Fit In…Ur Mom and now their latest release – Against All Odds. When people ask me, “What are your favorite ska bands?” the first thing that spills out of my mouth is Be Like Max, no shit. Everyone and their mother knows Less Than Jake and Streetlight Manifesto, I want to give credit where credit is …

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