Brian Polk

Brian Polk

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BIO: Brian Polk is the author of the forthcoming novel, Placement of Character. His first book, Turning Failure into Ideology, was self-published in 2006. He has contributed to The Onion A.V. Club and Westword, and began publishing his zine The Yellow Rake in 2004, which released 29 issues over its existence. Currently, he is founding editor of Suspect Press, a quarterly literary publication that has celebrated ten issues, and the drummer of the band Joy Subtraction, which just released its second album on Denver’s Sailor Records.

Show Review: World/Inferno Friendship Society and Culture Shock in Chicago

World/Inferno Friendship Society

Tuesday, July 12th @ 1st Ward World/Inferno Friendship Society Culture Shock With: Voices of Addiction Beat the Smart Kids For many reasons, I often find myself pitying people who never got into punk. The politics, the fashion, the zines, the sense of community—it all just seems so much more authentic than, for example, listening to Rush or Katy Perry. I just don’t see what folks get out of that. But one of the biggest reasons I pity non-punk fans is the …

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Review: Culture Shock – ‘Attention Span’


Before placing the needle on Culture Shock’s latest record, Attention Span, there are reasonable assumptions the listener can make: (1) The release will maintain the politically-infused ska-punk legacy established by the band in the late ‘80s, and (2) It will provide maximum listening enjoyment. That’s because a firm precedent has been set with any band fronted by Dick Lucas, including the legendary Subhumans UK and Citizen Fish. With well over a dozen full-length LPs and at least that many EPs—including …

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Review: Head Wound CIty – ‘A New Wave of Violence’

Head Wound City

* featured image by by Philip Cosores “I give good headaches / I’m made of mistakes,” sings Jordan Blilie on the song “Old Age Takes Too Long”, the first track of Head Wound City’s recent release A New Wave of Violence. A ten song blast of post-­hardcore spazz, the album effortlessly amalgamates the musical immediacy of its parts as it exhibits a songwriting prowess each of the members honed in their previous bands—most apparently The Locust (Gabe Serbian and Justin Pearson) and The Blood …

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Review: Future of the Left – ‘The Peace and Truce of Future of the Left’

Future of the Left

Much has been made of the acerbic bitterness of Future of the Left frontman, Andy Falkous—from his biting lyrical pronouncements, to his interviews, and even his onstage banter between songs. But none of his musings would be as entertaining as they are if he didn’t back it up with undeniably captivating, pop-infused noise rock. Everyone can be a blowhard, after all, but it takes an especially unique talent to lead a band celebrating its fifth solid full-length in nine years. …

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Review: Bleached – ‘Welcome the Worms’


“Come on boy dry your eyes / It’s good to feel just a little alive,” sings Jennifer Calvin on the song, “Wednesday Night Melody” from the new Bleached LP. With the perfect amount of hubris, a music reviewer might be tempted to refer to these words as representative of an entire generation. But music reviewers don’t speak for entire generations, and besides, the sentiment that everyone strives to break up the deadening monotony of modern life kind of transcends generations, …

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