Review: The Quitters ‘Troubled Minds’ ep

The Quitters – Troubled Minds EP   For some reason I forgot that the Quitters put out an EP during Punk Rock Bowling. Now that the dust has settled from that glorious weekend, I was able to actually sit down and listen to this thing. I’m blown away. This EP is great! The EP starts off with Sea Sick, who’s intro makes you wonder “Oh man what’s about to happen?!” “Something good” is the resounding answer!  After such an easygoing intro, …

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Review: Odd Robot ‘A Late Night Panic’

Odd Robot       A Late Night Panic As I sit here listening to Odd Robot‘s ‘A late Night Panic‘, I’m overcome with a sense of soothing familiarity. I sit back in my seat and just relax. At first I can’t put my finger on why I feel so instantly comfortable and connected to this album, and then it dawns on me, this album is a combination of 3 of my favorite bands! Death on Wednesday, The Smoking Popes …

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Review:Nothington In The End


Nothington      In The End I am always excited when a great album comes out. Not an album that is pretty good, but an album that is GREAT from start to finish. An album that I can listen to over and over again without wanting to skip a song. That is what it’s all about. An album that sounds like it was written as an album. Nothington’s In the End IS that album, and it speaks to me in a …

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