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Videos: The Ataris Incident with Kris Roe and Rob Felicetti

I’m sure most of you by now know about the incident that took place in Asbury Park, NJ with a bad night of drumming for Rob Felicetti and a pretty over the top reaction from Kris Roe both of The Ataris. Now that the dust is settling, (or is it?), we thought we’d just bring a summary of the whole thing to you so you can make your own judgement. Bottom line, Kris ultimately throws drums at Rob after he’d had enough of the less than par drumming.

We here at FtLP knew this was circulating, but were wanting to wait and see the end result before posting anything about it. Sometimes you just need the whole picture.

First the video of the incident which sparked all the controversy. Watch the whole thing to see what lead to the reaction, but it gets really crazy around 4:50.

Then the following day, Kris Roe issues a statement about the incident. Saying this was all based on a 6 hour drinking binge by drummer Rob.

And now the Rob Felicetti response, which is strangely also an advertisement for his other band Patent Pending in which he plays guitar. He quit The Ataris the night of the incident.

So, what do you think of all this?


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