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Streams + Pre-Order: Great Lakes USA Premieres New Song and Launches Pre-Order

Great Lakes USA is proudly premiered the first taste of its new full-length record, Live Fast, Die Whenever. The song “Rambling Dudes Forever” can be streamed right now over at and the LP is available for preorder immediately via Black Numbers.

Live Fast, Die Whenever will be released on Nov. 6 (Election Day), and as “Rambling Dudes Forever” shows, the album is bound to be a high-intensity ripper. Great Lakes USA’s rough punk rock takes on a dominant and aggressive tone, as the group takes the next step forward from its Life’s Rough EP, which came out in May 2011.The track delivers a full, huge sound courtesy of producer Jay Maas (No Trigger, Defeater, Energy, The Stereo State), and is lead by the guitar work of vocalist/guitarist Alex Heinz.

Accompanying the numerous reckless guitar solos and a wicked time change in the song at the 1:50 mark is a rock-solid performance from the Great Lakes USA rhythm section, bassist Pete Hoffman and drummer Myke Doyle. For a three-piece group, Great Lakes USA sure as hell knows how to make a ton of noise.

Live Fast, Die Whenever is the first release for the Allston, MA-based punk rockers via Black Numbers. Preorders are available in digital format along with three vinyl variants (brown, translucent red, and translucent green with black swirl), and there are limited packages that include test presses of the album.

Live Fast, Die Whenever






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