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Today we get the distinct pleasure of premiering an album from Denver’s very own False Colours. The album has not been pressed and has not been released anywhere else on the web except right here, right now for your listening pleasure. Hot off the press and freshly mastered.

A little background on False Colours is they have been a main stay here in Denver for a long time now and honestly I don’t think you can be at a show without seeing the guys there, so they are huge supporters of the Denver scene. They started out as a four piece with a singer, then said singer exited the band and they went into hiding for a little while. Deciding to not chase down another singer, Jordan (guitar) and Jimmy (bass) along with Nick (drums) stayed a three-piece and they decided to take over the vocals themselves. An idea that can sometimes lead to disaster, but not with these guys. What came out was more passion, stronger songs, tighter parts and you could almost say an entirely new band. They have come full circle and ready to get back in the game full force.

After they had 11 tracks ready to go, they went into Black In Bluhm with none other than Chris Fogal (The Gamits, TAUNTAUN), whom is not only an owner, but the engineer at Black In Bluhm. They worked tirelessly for two weeks to come out with something that everyone involved can only call a complete success. The songs are strong, each and every one giving you a different glimpse into the talent and strength of this band. Chris Fogal did an amazing job of getting the best out of these guys. From the first time we stepped foot into the studio and saw Nick laying down drums tracks, we knew something very special was happening and the evidence is below.

False Colours is still planning on pressing this gem to vinyl and artwork is on the way, but until then, we are lucky enough to bring you one hell of a great album and one that will rank tops in our top 10 of 2012. Do yourself a favor and listen to every song then do yourself another favor, hit repeat! False Colours are back!

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