Rewards & Revenge

Scene Watch: Introducing Rewards & Revenge

For some reason there seems to be a spark igniting overseas and that spark is that of passionate and heartfelt music in the vein of early Clash or The Jam. This sits really well with us here at FtLP and we’re excited to introduce you to Rewards & Revenge from Leamington Spa, UK. What’s more is every member of the band is only 17 years old and have been playing together for 5 years. You do the math, that is pretty incredible and they’re music reflects the pure devotion to each other as band mates and as musicians in general. You won’t get any filler from this band and you will not be disapointed by any track from their stream which is playing on their facebook page now. The album is being given away for free at their shows right now, but let’s hope there is a version for us here in the US to get our hands on soon.

It’s really refreshing to see that young bands are digging into the past to find their influences, it’s truly showing again.

Another little side note is that they are also the kids in the SHARKS video, “Arcane Effegies” which you can view HERE. Check out The Elusive Madman EP today!

The Elusive Madman EP


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