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Samiam Tribute and Gulf Restoration Benefit

A Samiam tribute has just been released on a bandcamp page with all proceeds going to the Gulf Restoration Network. Bands included on this tribute are Cutman, Great Cynics, Gunner’s Daughter, The Anchor and many more. The album is presented by Death to False Hope Records and titled While You Were Waiting: A Tribute to Samiam. The whole download comes in at a measly $5 but you can give more to the Gulf Restoration Network through the bandcamp site.

Here’s a little more info about the cause:

With an exclusive focus on the Gulf, GRN immediately began monitoring the impacts and response to BP’s oil disaster, and we have conducted over 70 watchdogging trips. Since April 20, 2011, GRN’s staff has been working tirelessly to respond to the myriad of issues related to the BP drilling disaster. We have focused our efforts to achieve several goals: 

Make coastal communities whole again; 
Commit to cleaning up and restoring the Gulf; 
Hold BP accountable; 
Ensure local participation in decision-making; 
Conduct short and long-term monitoring; and 
Invest in economic opportunities to support locally-driven, sustainable recovery that restores and enhances America’s Gulf coast. 

GRN is taking an active role in coordinating a gulf-wide, unified response to this disaster. In October 2010 and March 2011, GRN, Gulf Coast Fund, and Waterkeepers that are part of Save Our Gulf co-hosted two Gulf Gathering that pulled together over 50 organizations and 100 people each time to produce the Weeks Bay Principles for Gulf Recovery and Gulf Future: A Unified Action Plan for a Healthy Gulf. More information can be found at



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