Ramones Repress

Rhino Represses First Four Ramones Records

For any of you that are record collectors and especially record collectors that love the Ramones, you are in for a treat. Rhino Records has decided to repress all the first four Ramones records with special detail in regards to the original packaging. Also the reissues are going to be on the 180 gram vinyl format so you can still keep your warped version with the worn out cover, but you’ll get a new version that will play on for a lifetime. The represses will be RamonesLeave HomeRocket to Russia and Road to Ruin. Also with 500 copies of each record there will be a blue 7″ with a B Side from that particular recording. So now you have a reason to get on this as soon as possible to be one of those first 500.

It’s not all peaches and cream though, they are not your average priced 10 to 12 dollar purchase. You’re going to be out a cool $24.98 for each, so save up and be willing to drop that cash on these historical albums.


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