Reviews: The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore Comp.

Anyone remember the days before the internet?

Where you actually had to walk to your local record store to hunt for the newest releases, only to get judged by that snooty clerk behind the counter?

How did you find about those bands you loved? How did you find out about other bands that sound similar to the bands you already loved?

Aside from the very limited play music on MTV, let alone shows, the only way I honestly found about punk bands would be compilation albums. Yet, in this day and age, we are derived of the mish-mash of bands put together on a disc… that is, until The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore (TTTALL) came along.

Released by Adeline records, this compilation showcases everything that I grew up on:

  • Short songs that’ll grab my attention, only leaving me wanting more.
  • Catchy songs that will only get stuck in my heads for days.

And most importantly,

  • It showcases the originality in every band.

I honestly believe that this is what the punk scene needed, this showcase of punk’s newest, hardworking bands that aren’t sometimes lucky enough to tour more than 10 days a year, let alone bands that even go to the West coast (I’m looking at you, east coast bands). Even a few years from now, I will honestly be showing this compilation to the newer kids on what pop-punk is, because this album just rounds every corner that needed to be covered.

This album alone has the most relevant, current bands in the scene, so any naysayer can be directed to this album and given proof that punk is still not dead.

Faith restored.

In summation:

Listen to this album, posers.

You can buy The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore at all your favorite digial outlets and it’s still available on vinyl at Adeline Records HERE.

Check out the teaser video below to see for yourself what you’re missing.


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