Radio Reds - Nondenoms

Reviews: The Radio Reds / The Nondenoms – 45db Split

With both bands hailing from North Carolina, home to more highly influential punk and indie bands than you could name (that’s what Wikipedia is for!) two bands from Greensboro’s thriving musical underground have come together to put out a self-released split (it’s being distributed by local labels Baby Moon and Bitter Melody Records) showcasing what a burgeoning scene NC still has.

First up is The Nondenoms. After a boast of being in the Guinness book of World Records for having “the shortest punk song in the history of the genre” the band prove that by launching into the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it ‘Fleas’ before going straight in with ‘Theme Song’. Sound wise the band worship at the altar of NOFX, situated in the church of Fat Wreck which gives a good indication of their sound. Rubber band bass lines and furious drumming propel both ‘theme Song’ and the Descendents brat punk of ‘My Day’ to chaotic, grin inducing heights. Both songs Leave you thinking what a full length record would sound like after the teaser of these two (and a half) songs and if the Nondenoms were picked up by a label like the aforementioned Fat Wreck, they could be the skate punk communities new wet dream.

By comparison The Radio Reds offer up something more introspective from the opposite end of the punk ocean. Where last years ‘Live Demo’ took from the 80’s College punk of Husker Du with The Replacements and from the new wave of Bloc Party influenced post punk, it seems that the last year of writing and being a band together have changed their sound a little.

Whilst still retaining the scrappy demo-ish charm of the ‘Live Demo’ sessions the band have taken influence from The Menzingers thick power chords and emotive vocals. Opener ‘Out of the Blue’ is a melodic rock gem in the vein of early Alkaline Trio. Showing what a great songwriter frontman Stephen Kent is in terms of progression and lyrics. Also what a tight band The Radio Reds are becoming. The other Reds track on this split ‘Throw me a Line’, the highlight of this record and is the best example of what makes this band so special. The dual vocals of the verses work with bassist Michael Kent’s scream over Stephens Bob Mould croon and muscular Hot Water Music riffage. It’s a stunning song, a perfect mixture of aggression and introverted vulnerability and should serve as the best representation of where this band are musically right now.

Showing what undiscovered gems are lurking in the south right now and a heart-warming reaffirmation that there will always be good local scenes all over the world, 45db is recommended for music fans in every city.

The split will be available from the Radio Reds Bandcamp page in short order. Check out both bands from links below and also the teaser video for the split!

Radio Reds - Nondenoms

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