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Reviews: The Holy Mess – “Cold Goodbyes” Single

The Holy Mess released a self-titled compilation of previously released material last year and it happened to earn a “coveted” spot on my Best of 2011 list. Here, with their Cold Goodbyes – Single, we get our first taste of the band’s upcoming full length for Red Scare, Cande Ru Las Degas, and it is packed full of the energy and melody that drew my attention to The Holy Mess in the first place.

Opening with “The Saddest Girl to Ever Hold a Martini”, I immediately notice the amazing quality of the recording. Would you expect less from Matt Allison? The snare fires like a pistol and it’s a perfect capture of the buoyancy and rawness of the vocal performance. It’s a great song to introduce the new album, too. It’s so damned enjoyable! The Holy Mess aren’t straying far from the sound they’d solidified in earlier material but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The band sounds tighter than ever and there’s a confidence in the steadfast performance.

“Cold Goodbyes” displays why The Holy Mess are at the forefront of the style Red Scare and countless other labels have gravitated to over the past few years. There’s plenty of vocal interplay, great guitar leads and a chorus that’s worthy of all the summer singalongs it could inspire. Lyrically, The Holy Mess have always seemed to lean toward expressing the details in personal relationships and interactions rather than pontificate on “grander” concepts. “We can start walkin’ home if you wanna, take in these small town lights tonight. We can make sure there’s a way out of here.” Sounds like a magical time to me!

While I’m hoping the new album also contains a bit more of the reckless abandon and speed found in songs like “Captain We’re Drinking” and “It All Happened in a Ford Winstar”, I’m so stoked to have this brief glimpse at such solid songs and, with a great version of “Male Call” by fellow Philadelphians, The Menzingers rounding out the digital single, the overall 3 song set makes for a fun listen without having to get up after a couple minutes to flip the 7″.

Their full length album will be available on Red Scare in August, but you can get “Cold Goodbyes” now on iTunes

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