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Sic Waiting, hailing from Oceanside since 2000, has released a batch of their best songs to date on their latest EP, Vices. Laden with skate punk that relies heavily on whip-crack drums, absurdly tight and technical guitars and melodies that will get stuck in your head for days, these songs are proof of what happens when a band manages to achieve a modicum of longevity through practice, van sweat and plenty of beers.

The vice referred to is, simply, the addiction of being a musician. Whether discussing the stigma of being labeled a loser in the song “My Reputation Precedes Me” or its effects on relationships, both personal (“It’s Not Rocket Science”) and within the band (“The Business” ), Vices is packed full of tales from guys who have invested their entire lives in the business we call show.

The band is nothing if not a delicately-tuned machine. The EP captures the energy of the band’s live performance, more-so, I think, than on previous releases, while maintaining a polished veneer of layered guitars and incredible vocal harmonies. Don’t worry, no auto-tune here. I’ve seen these guys play a couple of times and I know what they’re capable of.

Vices is Sic Waiting’s first release on burgeoning micro-label Dang!Records and they’re currently on an insanely long run of dates, touted as the “Unpaid Vacation” Tour, in support of the EP and they’ll be teaming up with label-mates DC Fallout for a portion of the tour. Make sure to head out to a show, I almost guarantee they’ll be somewhere near where you live. If you’re a fan of melodic skate punk drenched in awesomeness pick up this record to help keep Sic Waiting on the road.

You can pick up Vices from the Dang! Records store from the link below and check out the full stream HERE.



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