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Lowell, Massachusetts progressive hardcore quartet My Fictions are another band intent on pushing the boundaries of the term ‘hardcore’. Taking their cues from forward thinking bands such as Touche Amore and Defeater rather than any of the the tough guy connotations that the genre can sometimes unfortunately throw up, this will be a welcome new noise for most fans of the hardcore scene.

This 5 track  E.P titled I Want Nothing released in October on the Southwest,Virginia  based Flannel Gurl Records starts with the claustrophobic blast of ‘Same Grave’, bassist/vocalist Brian Carifio’s anguished screams backed up by the dense guitars of co-vocalists Ryan Boone and Tyler Bradley and the surging drums of  Seamus Menihane. Fortunately its not all detuned bluster as the aggression fades into quieter La Dispute-esque passages of clean, reverb heavy guitar which make Carifio’s vocals sound even more heartfelt and intense.

The near five minute highlight ‘I Am An Ornament’ is breathtaking, half Wolves In The Throne Room metallic drone which segues into the more familiar blast of the emotional hardcore that defines their sound (and this E.P). The track itself, like the other four tracks on ‘I Want Nothing’, is made for earphones as much as it is made for the the moshpit. Each listen reveals something new amongst the chaos, a melody that wasn’t there before or maybe a newly deciphered lyric that got lost in previous listens amongst all of the glorious noise My Fictions churn out.

These five tracks are a great taster of where My Fictions are at now as a band and a glimpse into where they are headed musically.

File this one under ‘ones to watch’.

Check out the full stream of My Fictions – I Want Nothing and you can buy on vinyl or digital download for free HERE

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