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Reviews: Masked Intruder – Self Titled

We’ve all heard of this story before:

  • Guy meets girl.
  • Guy falls for girl.
  • Guy gets restraining order and faces up to 5 in the big house.

….At least, that’s the whole story of Masked Intruder.

In their debut full-length release, Masked Intruder has made a strong hold on the newest wave of pop-punk to ever come out of the Midwest. With the harmonizing abilities of 90’s R&B groups, mixed in the flair of 50’s doo-wop, and all tied together around 3 chord songs, its honestly hard to see why anybody wouldn’t like this band. Sure, these songs could be written by any other band, but Masked Intruder’s collective talent creates something more than “just another pop punk song.”

More than just another gimmick band, Masked Intruder’s S/T has become a full entity of their own. These aren’t just songs, they’re stories developing the characters that this band was/is/and will be. Their luck with love may not be the best, but they try, and try again. While, we may not be as unlucky as our four, unidentified “heroes,” we can relate and learn from their stories of love in their, at most, 3 minute tales of misfortune in our own way. With 13 strong songs, revolving around the same vague theme, it’s really easy to see why this album is such a solid release.

It’s very likely to see Masked Intruder’S/T ranking in pop punk’s essential albums of all time, while giving the newer generation of pogo dancers a band to grow along with and sing along to for a very, very long time without the turmoil of paying (much) to see them…for now.

So if this band hasn’t stolen your wallet, yet… I’m more than positive that this band will steal your heart instead. I honestly think you wouldn’t mind it when they break in your home (or heart) for the first 10 times, and the following ten times after.

Just listen to this album.

Masked Intruder was released on Red Scare in August of 2012. You can purchase the CD from the link below and all other normal digital outlets. Rumor of vinyl release has been said to be Fall 2012. We’ll update you if we hear anything!

Masked Intruder


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