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Richmond, Virginia is known as a cesspool for punk rock, for many of it’s touring acts (such as Strike Anywhere, GWAR, Municipal Waste, etc.) call Richmond their home, and it’s very common for genre defining bands can really flourish, such as Hold Tight!. Boasting their second full length release, Hold Tight!’s Blizzard of ’96 fully embraces the band’s ever defining sound.

’96 is packed with 14 songs featuring the band’s strongest points, the raw energy, the controlled chaotic sound, and the harmonies. Although taking a slower pace than their last full length, Can’t Take This Away, ’96 focuses more on their vocal strengths as this band can fully harmonize without even trying. Followed by their mish-mash of instrumental voicing, this band manages to make everything fit together. Straying away from the common mold of overused D-beats in pop-punk bands, Hold Tight! throws away the predictability that is awfully common these days. ’96’s songs about the constant fear of regret, growing up, and moving on is fully conveyed in under 25 minutes, yet this album does not seem to disappoint.

  • Short.
  • Sweet.
  • To the point.

Although through the first full listen-through’s, the songs seemed to mash together, making three songs seem like only one. However, I like to see these songs as a full live set, rather than a traditional format. The songs all last under two minutes, but they all get their point across. It’s comforting to know that these personal songs do not leave the listener pondering over what the song is really about.

Overall, a solid release for Hold Tight!, and I’m really excited to see what they have in store for us in the near future as this band will be one of these bands that will grow with you, and maturing with you, in a sense that this band has so much more to offer.

Blizzard of ’96 was released on June 26th, 2012 via Animal Style Records. The Album is still available in all your favorite formats including colored vinyl from the link below or digitally from the Hold Tight! Bandcamp.

Blizzard of '96


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