Reviews: Dangercat – Where I’ll Be

Dangercat has proven that pop punk isn’t necessarily all they know. From their first release in January 2011 the trio has grown a little rough around the edges and has gained the interest of many new fans.

Their new album, Where I’ll Be is consistent in its predecessors upbeat melodies but incorporates a faster drumbeat and more raw vocals. They have even re-recorded their popular song Head In The Clouds, showcasing their clear change in direction and their new-found sound. As someone who hadn’t heard of the Winnipeg, MB band prior to their newest album, I definitely needed to do some catching up. Their bandcamp site provided all the necessary materials for my listening pleasure and I’m excited to say that I’ve found a new band to add to the playlist. 

Where I’ll Be is available via The Newform Label HERE and on Dangercat Bandcamp site HERE. You can also check out the title track video HERE.

Where I'll Be

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