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Bangers – (bngr)
n. Brit

1. Slang for sausage, as in Bangers, Beans, and Mash.
2. A firecracker that explodes loudly.
3. A trio of three gentlemen from the UK writing well thought out punk.

Dick jokes aside, Good Livin’ by Bangers is, well, definitely a banger. Boasting gruff vocals, heart-felt lyrics, and catchy tunes all around, this band is the definite meaning of “Org-core.”

Following their 2011 release, Small Pleasures, Good Livin’ is a solid, 4 song EP that really does focus on the aspects of good living, and how everyone has a different outlook on such a broad subject. Although less aggressive than their previous works, this EP takes full focus on the band’s songwriting ability as each song is a full story, instead of a handful of lyrics repeated over and over. This is where Bangers really flourishes, their lyrics are honest and carries an overall message in each story told, and this EP showcases how Bangers’ songs are easily relatable. While these songs do sound similar to their earlier works, we can rest assured that this is the sound that Bangers was looking to create.

The standard chord progressions in the songs seem somewhat predictable, however, each song has a surprising twist that make the songs their own, showing that only three people can write better songs than most bands with 4+. If you really want to see what this band is about, you should really give this EP a listen. Heartfelt punk from the UK, catchy, and saturated with drunken singalongs. I absolutely enjoy this EP, it did take a little while for me to fully understand (then again, so do many new releases nowadays), and it sucessfully left me wanting more.

This EP will be a sleeper hit, but a solid release for Kiss of Death/Specialist Subject/Angry Chuck Records, do yourself a favor and just give this EP a few listens and you’ll be a fan too.

You can still get a hold of Good Livin’  in many fine formats from the bands bandcamp site below, don’t hesitate and get on the Bangers bandwagon today!

Good Livin'


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