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Review: Gunner’s Daughter – “Dissolutions” EP

Gunner’s Daughter have a knack for putting out short bursts of music that are extremely satisfying but still leave me wishing there were a few more songs. With very little fanfare, the band immediately launches their third EP, Dissolutions, with “The Face of Whitecaps”, an urgent rocker that uses imagery of a sailor enduring rough seas trying to find calmer waters, (possibly) as a metaphor for these trying times in which we find ourselves. 

The band sounds tighter than ever, with Chris Behm’s gruff voice soaring overtop mid-tempo melodic riffs and a super solid performance from drummer Blake Miller. I can just hear the sweat in some of those takes. The guitars attain a certain gritty discordance, at times, before snapping back into perfectly pleasing melody, like the chorus of the second track, “Old Reinstein”.  “There’s a reason why I never go home. There’s a season that we used to love the most” is a perfect lyrical fit alongside the changing weather. The song evokes a certain grey quality, especially the repeated chant in the outro as the song spirals out of control in 3/4 time.

The final song, “Dead On”, alternates between a bass-heavy and atmospheric groove during the verse and a driving chorus layered with vocal harmonies. I love singing along with the line, “We’re getting up not giving up!” and the staccato guitar lead in the verse mixed with the alternate, looser guitar part shows the band at the peak of their cohesion as songwriters.

Luckily, Gunner’s Daughter injects plenty of depth into their music and makes this EP worth the listen. I mean, the second song is five minutes! What kind of punk rock is this?! The good kind. While I’m still waiting for a full length, Gunner’s Daughter have already developed a solid batch of music and Dissolutions is an awesome addition to the catalog.

Dissolutions was released on August 7th, 2012 and you can download the full EP from Gunner’s Daughter Bandcamp site or on Death To False Hope Records


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