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Review and Gallery: Screeching Weasel, The Queers and the Nobodys at Gothic Theatre

Our motto for the night was to “Party Like it was 1997” again, and on July 13th, 2012, that we did thanks to Screeching Weasel, The Queers & the Nobodys. The Gothic is always a great venue for seeing shows, and there isn’t a bad spot in the entire place. The Nobodys kicked off the show with the lineup of JJ Nobody, Randy the Kid and Justin Disease. The majority of the crowd that was there at the time knew the majority of the songs, and they sang along and of course a nice little circle pit grew during most of their set. The Nobodys rocked in the 90’s and they rock equally as hard now. They even had some new shirt designs at their merch table that I bet you could buy if you contact the band.

The Queers, oh the Queers! They are still a pop punk force to be reckoned with to this day. Joe Queer kicked right into the first song upon coming on stage, sneering with his unique snotty voice that everybody knows and loves. The Queers seemed to have played a lot of their older songs, which the crowd seemed to be completely pleased with, as everyone was yelling out the lyrics, especially during “You’re Tripping”.  There were lots of smiles, lots of pogoing, a perfect circle pit and all in all the perfect pop punk set.

Last but not least it was Screeching Weasel’s turn to show The Gothic how pop punk is done. The lights went out, pitch-black darkness, and the intro music came blasting through the speakers. It was time. The band came out (I still don’t know who the band was for this show), and then Ben Weasel took the stage and went right into “Strangle You”. The crowd went wild! Screeching Weasel may have had a rocky past year, but there was a large crowd that was very happy to see them. They played a perfectly tight set with as much energy as any band half their age. People may not “like” Ben Weasel, but he has perfected his band, sound and stage presence to a science.

This was the perfect pop punk show, and local fans should be quite stoked to live in such a great city with such a great venue to see these types of shows. Our only complaint for the evening was that security informed us that per Ben Weasel’s request there was no “photo pit” for the show and everyone had to stay on the audience side of the barrier, even with a photo pass. That said, we got the best pictures we could while taking elbows, drinks, and hands to the head. Enjoy and check out upcoming shows at the Gothic in Englewood.


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  • Miss Topia

    This was hardly a great show!
    The Nobody’s- just plain sucked.
    The Queers- a sub-par performance.
    Screeching Weasel- if you can get past the fact that the drums and guitars were sloppy and out of sync for almost the entire set (perhaps they were nervous, but they are supposed to be professionals), Ben Weasel complained in between almost every song about how his former band mates are not his real friends (“going through this has really let me know who my true friends are”) and how he is a victim in the aftermath of the instance where he punched that woman in the face (yeah, maybe she did deserve it, but stop bitching about how everyone hates you for doing it!). I wouldn’t necessarily say that he is “perfecting” his back-up band, more like trying to find a bunch of guys who can put up with how obnoxious of a person he really is. I saw SW when they came to Denver last year and it was a much better show and I am glad to say that I got a chance to see them before their current line-up. I am happy to say I won’t be wasting any more of my money on this band.
    I can honestly say that Stza’s crackhead ranting at the Leftover Crack show this September will be greatly welcomed after all of the whining that Ben Weasel did at the Gothic on Friday.

    • Coma Girl

      Sorry you didn’t enjoy the show. To each their own I guess. I went to the SW show at the Gothic last year, and sure the line-up ruled, but I wouldn’t say it was any better or worse then this show. Ben is known for his on stage banter, offending those and not giving a shit. So it shouldn’t have come as any surprise if you’ve heard his Podcast, followed them on Twitter or read the SW page, or read anything online. People who like their music are going to continue to like it no matter what. I sure as hell appreciate the Gothic for putting on a killer pop punk show.

      So I guess the Nobodys played the show same as they played any other show – some people love them, some hate them. I love them. The Queers performance was a Queers performance, and I thought it was comparable to every other show of theirs I’ve seen and they played GREAT! Finally, as I said above…Ben Weasel is known for his banter, he’s talked about his former band mates since the “incident” regularly. So why pay for a show knowing what you were getting into and having such a problem with it?

      Finally, I saw Leftover Crack last year at Punk Rock Bowling and Stza pulled his own antics that left extremely bad taste in people’s mouths. I guess that’s just Stza though and I love him.

      I feel like people are really great at bitching and finding the negatives to any show nowadays. I appreciate bands that are still doing their thing….I’d like to see my dad get up there and rock as hard as some bands do that are his age. Next time don’t go to their show. They sell out every time and someone will gladly take your spot and enjoy it.