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Releases: Mr. T Experience Release Entire Catalog Digitally

Berkely, California’s Mr. T Experience have released their entire catalog in digital format. Since most of their releases were on the now defunct Lookout! Records, the availablity of the albums were dwindled down to eBay auctions and collector sites. The release includes some rare 7″ and EP tracks not easily available up to this point and also includes the full cover album of The Ramones Road To Ruin which was originally released on vinyl in 1998.

Being a band since 1985 their catalog is a pretty large one and this will give avid collectors a chance to have it all.

There is still a possibility of physical re-issues but Dr. Frank (Frank Portman) had this to say about the release:

Doing vinyl re-issues is only really interesting to me if there’s something special about it, something unique to justify its existence. Reconstructing and recording the unrecorded – unremembered, in fact – songs while pretending to be back in 1995 seems like it would be fun.

You can grab all your favorite MTX tunes on iTunes and Amazon digital now!


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