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Releases: Buy Native Daughters “War Elephant” and Help Fund Vinyl Release

Denver, CO’s own thunderous roar we call Native Daughters have decided to do what a lot of bands are doing these days and put out their album themselves. For those of you that might not know who Native Daughters is, check out their Facebook about section, they are some of Denver’s finest from many different bands. Here’s a brief description below.

Instruments-to-singers 5-0. Drummers-to-Guitarists 2-2. Think Christie Front Drive covering Kyuss after the PA has blown out and you’re on the right track.

Having just finished the recording of their full length with Chris Fogal (The Gamits, TaunTaun) at Black In Bluhm Music, they are left with one hell of an amazing sounding record which is mastered, ready to go and titled War Elephant. All that is left is to put this heavy hitting musical epic onto vinyl for all of us to enjoy the way it was meant to be. So to help fund this project, you can go ahead and buy the digital download now with all proceeds going to the vinyl pressing. Also, if you want to pre-order the album for a little more, they are looking at a March 2013 release date. Either way, you get the album now and can donate as much as you want to get this project off and running.

War Elephant



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