Releases: Abolitionist – Bleeding Kansas EP

Portland, Oregon’s Abolitionist have release a new 5 song EP titled Bleeding Kansas on their bandcamp page. They set it up as a “pay what you want” download so be kind and donate to them.

There is also a little back story on the EP that they wrote up which explains the subject matter.

In October of 1859, the radical abolitionist John Brown led twenty-five men – composed of former slaves, fellow abolitionists, and his sons – in an ill-fated raid on the federal arsenal in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. His idea was to steal its weapons, arm the town’s slaves, and lead them into the surrounding hills to wage an insurrection against the institution of slavery. It was a failure and John Brown was subsequently executed. His actions, however, confirmed to the slavocracy that it was under attack by the supposedly anti-slavery Northern states and the first American Civil War began soon after. The rest is history. Blood-soaked history.

Check out details below and download the album.

Bleeding Kansas



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1. Bleeding Kansas
2. What We Need Is Action
3. Pottawatomie
4. Cut The Head Off This Snake
5. We Will Vanquish You


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